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''It includes the following'':
''It includes the following'':
*Blue and Silver recolored [[Big Bang Pegasis F:D]]
*Blue and Silver recolored [[Big Bang Pegasis F:D]] "White Version."
*Silver [[String Launcher]]
*Silver [[String Launcher]]
*Spin Tracks: 85 and 105
*Spin Tracks: 85 and 105

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The Big Bang Pegasis DX Set (tentative name: Beyblade Introduction Set) is a Japanese-only Beyblade starter-set released by Takara Tomy and the

Box Cover

successor to the Galaxy Pegasis DX Set. It comes with a recolored Big Bang Pegasis F:D with the parts 85, 105, XF, and RF and some accesories. It was released on March 26, 2011 in Japan.


It includes the following:



  • As of now, all DX sets have been released with a Pegasis.
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