Big Bang Takafumi 1403Gpen (Japanese: ビッグバン貴文1430Gpen) is an April Fools' Beyblade gift created and designed by Takara Tomy. It was made specifically as a gift for Takafumi Adachi, the creator of the Metal Saga. It is a G-pen, designed in the manner of Big Bang Pegasis F:D.


Big Bang Takafumi 1403Gpen was a "joke Beyblade" designed by Takara Tomy as a present for Takafumi Adachi for creating the Metal Saga. It is not a Beyblade, but as its name suggests, it is a G-pen. G-pen are pens of which professional mangaka like Adachi, usually use to illustrate their manga. Also from the name, it is based on Big Bang Pegasis F:D, a 4D Beyblade owned by Gingka Hagane.

The pen is designed in the manner of Big Bang Pegasis. With the Big Bang Metal Wheel, and Pegasis III. Yet, instead of a Pegasis Face, it uses a new Face, with Takafumi's self-illustration printed on a blue Face. Underneath, it reveals the red pen with a gold point or tip, for drawing manga.


  • It is unknown if the Big Bang, Pegasis III, and Takafumi Face parts can be removed and used for a real Beyblade. Yet, the packaging shows that it is Right-Spin and an Attack-Type Beyblade.
  • According to the packaging, it is of the "CoroCoro Rensai Series". Rensai (連載) is Japanese for "serialization".
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