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Bigbang Genesis Hybrid (ビッグバンジェネシス・ハイブリッド, Bigguban Jeneshisu Haiburiddo), stylized as Bigbang γenesis Hybrid, is a Defense Type Beyblade that's a part of the Burst System as well as the Gatinko Layer System. As an anime-exclusive Beyblade, it was never released. It's owned by Gwyn Reynolds. It is the evolution of Regalia Genesis Hybrid in the Beyblade Burst Rise anime/manga.

Energy Layer - Bigbang Genesis

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Performance Tip - Hybrid

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Control Art


  • Like its predecessor Regalia Genesis Hybrid, Bigbang Genesis' name is a combination of the term "big bang", the theory of rapid expansion of matter from a state of extremely high density and temperature that according to current cosmological theories marked the the universe's origin, and "genesis", the origin of life as depicted in the Bible.
  • Bigbang Genesis' avatar is an upgrade of Regalia Genesis' with a redesign:
    • The body is more humanoid, especially the arms and legs.
    • The head shifts into a helmet with a metallic face emerging from the mouth.
    • The cyan light features is now magenta.
    • The large white wings are reduced in size to shoulder armor and sports gold structures, a red gem on each, and a dark-purple parts,
    • The arms are longer.
    • The red gem on the chest is smaller.
    • Its wings are now crescent-shaped with red and gold parts reminiscent to the Bigbang Armor on the Beyblade.
    • The knees have a gold pad on each.
  • Like Dead Phoenix 10 Friction, Bigbang Genesis Hybrid is an anime-exclusive Beyblade that can be made in real life with the Bigbang Genesis Layer from the B-157 Bigbang Genesis 0 Yard Metal Booster and the Hybrid Power Core Driver from the B-154 Gatinko Customize Set.


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