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Billy (ノブオ Nobou) is a minor character from the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: 2000. He is Tyson Granger's friend.


Billy is a tall kid with a husky build, black spiky hair and an exceptionally large round nose. His outfit consists of a black t-shirt, a dark green vest with an orange outline, brown cargo shorts, white socks, and olive green and grey sneakers.

Personality & Characteristics[]

In the Manga, Billy is depicted as a rude and tough opponent due to being in the Blade Sharks.

However in the anime, Billy is actually a very kind and helpful person, such as being a good sport about losing and assisting the others in helping a young boy fix his Beyblade. Like most Bladers, he is passionate about the game. Unlike in the manga, Billy is not part of the Blade Sharks.


Beyblade: 2000[]


Billy battles Tyson.

Billy is waiting with his two friends for his rival, Tyson Granger to show up for their Beybattle. Although the latter already had another battle planned, he forgot that he promised a battle with Billy. Billy drags Tyson to a park to finally conduct it.

Billy uses his Metal Driger against Tyson's Dragoon Grip Attacker. After multiple clashes, Tyson's Blade hits Billy's Blade against a Beystadium wall and is was thrown out of the arena. Disappointed with another loss against Tyson, he gave Billy advice on becoming stronger. Although Billy suggested a best 2/3 match, Tyson had to leave for his battle with Andrew, running late as it was 4:10 PM.

After the Asian Qualifiers, Billy is seen being defeated by Andrew in battle, when they instantly reunite with Tyson. As they discuss the upcoming tournament for the Bladebreakers, they head over to the Beypark to check out the upcoming bladers. This leads to the three of them, along with Kenny and Max, helping out a young boy train and fix his blade to beat a bully.


Star Stinger[]


Billy uses a green variation of Star Stinger. It is first seen in The Blade Raider.


Beyblade: 2000
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