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Bistool (ビストール, Bisutōru) is the eighth Beyblade to ever be released. It is a Balance type.

Bit Chip (BC): Bistool[]

The bit features a bit-chip from Next Generation Beigoma Battle: Beyblade.

Attack Ring (AR): Wing Cross[]

Main article: Attack Ring - Wing Cross
  • Weight: 5 grams

Wing Cross is a strong AR because of its extremely evenly distributed weight, thin size, and smooth edges. It was previously commonly used among zombies/spin-stealers before becoming outclassed by other ARs, such as Galeon's War Lion or Driger S's Tiger Defenser. Despite this, Wing Cross did not become obsolete.

Wing Cross stayed popular in the 10bBistool combo, and also in some compact combos. This AR has many uses in balance and survival type combos.

Use in First Generation Zombies[]

Wing Cross was used as an AR in first generation zombies (that is, before the S Series was released). It was used because of its balanced weight distribution, thin design, and because its projections (the attack spikes protruding from the AR) could be used to [Spin Steal|steal spin], as they extended just beyond the reach of the Wide Survivor WD.

IMPORTANT: Mold Variations[]

The mold variation of the Wing Cross AR is what makes it such a popular choice. While the Takara version of Bistool, Gekiryu-Oh and Frostic Dranzer, along with the Hasbro older versions of Gekiryu-Oh and Frostic Dranzer have thin spikes, the ends of Hasbro Bistool's, Frostic Dranzer's (new mold), and Gekiryu-Oh's (new mold) spikes have been connected to the center of the AR, supposedly to prevent breaking. Because of this, Wing Cross's AR's new mold has become a far more popular choice than the older mold.

All of the references to Wing Cross following in this article (that is, excluding the use in zombie combos refer to Hasbro's refined mold, and not any other mold. While the performance of Wing Cross is still good in other molds, the new mold made this AR outrageously effective.

Use in Compact Combos[]

Wing Cross did find some use in compact Beyblades, particularly in a 4-Layer combo using Draciel Metal Ball Defenser's BB, Metal Ball Base.

This is the combo that was used by Noland in the BBA World Championships.

Additionally, while not as prominent, it did find some use in the standard compact set:

Although commonly Driger S's Tiger Defense AR is used in this style of combos, Wing Cross has some use. However, because of its higher recoil, it can be a risky decision. Because of its thin frame and light, balanced weight, it doesn't interfere with the spin velocity increase gained from Compact combos.

Use in Balance Combos[]

Exchanging the Ten Heavy WD with a Ten Balance WD in the combos listed in the compact section will decrease its spin velocity, but it will increase its Survival abilities substantially. As a reference, here are the altered combos that will be very good as balance combos.

Additionally, one of the best balance combos, the 10bBistool, is discussed later on in this article.

Weight Disk (WD): Heavy[]

See Heavy Weight Disks.

Blade Base (BB): Semi-Flat Base[]

Main article: Blade Base - Semi-Flat Base
  • Weight: 7 grams

This part's tip is what gives this BB its uniqueness. It is sharp but flattened on the very end. The movement pattern exhibited when launched straight into a BeyStadium is best suited for Endurance purposes. However, when launched on a slant it begins to move in an extremely controlled, circular attack-type pattern. Seeing as a flat tip would sacrifice all of its Survival ability while a sharp tip would sacrifice its Defense ability. Being a mixture of both allows it to have Balance. Here are two sample customizations:


  • White Ver. - Exclusively used in stores in Japan to demonstrate Beyblade to potential fans.


While Wing Cross, in particular the less recoil-prone if more fragile and more difficult-to-find first mold, is unparalleled for Right Spin Survival and an excellent Attack Ring overall, Semi-Flat Base decent if outclassed by Zombie setups, Heavy a useful Weight Disk and Bistool's uncustomized performance remarkably solid – being arguably the best of the three Wing Cross Beyblades (itself, Frostic Dranzer and Gekiryu-Oh) thanks to its superior Weight Disk, the availability of cheaper and sometimes more versatile alternatives such as Driger S and Roller Defenser means that it falls short of being a must have. This Beyblade is not a must-have, but it is nevertheless a welcome addition to any collection.