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Ultimate Dragoon (アルティメットドラグーン Arutimetto Doragūn) is a Bit Chip that was released as a part of the Spin Gear System. It debuted with the release of Ultimate Dragoon.


This Bit Chip depicts Ultimate Dragoon. It is both the first Bit Chip and the first Bit Chip for a Dragoon Beyblade. The sticker depicts a muscular, dark red dragon with a few black highlights, white claws, sharp, flame-like wings and the power to conduct fire from its hands. It is placed over a red background sealed within a yellow border and a black ring.


In the Media[]


Ultimate Dragoon appears in Next Generation Beigoma Battle: Beyblade and is given as a starter Bit-Beast to Tyson Granger (the player). The bit has three forms but a player can choose not to evolve the Ultimate Dragoon bit from its initial to final form and use other bits they collect in the game instead.