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Wolborg (ウルボーグ Urubōgu) is a Bit Chip that was released as a part of the Spin Gear System. It debuted with the release of Wolborg.


The bit chip depicts Wolborg.


In the Media[]


Wolborg is Tala's Bit-Beast and Beyblade. It is seen from First Strike to Beybattle for the Ages.

In the Dub, Wolborg would appear much sooner in Tala's Stats in Live and Let Kai!

Unlike most of the Bit-Beasts seen through out the anime, Wolborg, along with others owned by the Demolition Boys are Artificially Created by Balkov Abbey. Made from Experimentation on a Live Wolf.


  • One of Tala's Special Moves Novae Rog shows a Beautiful Woman before revealing Wolborg landing the attack. This detail has not been explained, however due to being an experimented artificial bit-beast, the live animal that became Wolborg may have been Female.