The Instant Release Base is a type of Blade Base compatible with the Engine Gear System. These Blade Bases were designed to work in conjunction with Engine Gears by activating their motors fully and immediately upon Launch. The first Instant Release Base was released on December 2002 in the A-89 Dragoon G starter pack.


An Instant Release Base activates an Engine Gear core immediately at the start of battle.

Types of Instant Release Bases

  • Dragoon G Version: An Instant Release Base equipped with eight (8) blades for increased attack power.
  • Driger G Version: An Instant Release Base designed for increased defensive power with a circular design that repels enemy attacks with relative ease.
  • Dragoon GT Version: An Instant Release Base equipped with four (4) large blades for increased attack power and effectiveness low-profile enemies.
  • Zeus Version: An Instant Release Base designed with an open-flow design and a defensive rim with eight (8) nodules. This makes it lightweight and durability while being of fending off the advancing assaults from enemy Beys.


Takara Tomy

  • Dragoon G - A-103 Engine Gear Try Set Metallic Blue Ver.
  • Dragoon G - Fire Red Ver. (Toys 'R' Us Japan Exclusive)
  • Dragoon G - Gold, Silver and Bronze Tournament Prize Versions.
  • Dragoon G - JT Campaign Silver Ver.


  • Dragoon G - Hasbro Metallic Dark Blue Ver. (comes with Left Customize Engine Gear and Metal Semi-Flat CEW)


Takara Tomy


Names In Other Language

  • Japanese: First Clutch Base (ファーストクラッチベース)



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