Blade Base - Fortress is a Blade Base released as part of the Spin Gear System. It debuted with the release of Draciel F on September 2001.


  • Note: Only One (1) set of balls is currently legal under Word Beyblade Organization Organized Play Rules. The following information is outdated.
  • Weight of BB Only: 12 grams
  • Weight of BB with 1 set of metal balls (Original Weight): 14 grams
  • Weight of BB with 2 set of metal balls: 16 grams
  • Weight of BB with 3 set of metal balls: 18 grams

The Fortress Base is one of the best Blade Bases for Defense type customizations. SG Oil Ball contains a metal ball with an oil resevoir above it, which makes it an excellent Blade Base for Defense. In fact, due to this round metal tip, it has a tendency to remain in the central area of the stadium in order to avoid attacks. The metal tip causes less friction between itself and the Beystadium which normally allows it to get knocked around in terms of defense, but its ability to hold up to 2 or 3 sets of metal balls prevents this because of the increase in weight.

Fortress Base can hold 2 sets of metal balls in its pocket, and 2 additional metal balls in the small holes in the Blade Base, this does however require a specific Weight Disk. Fortress Base can hold Bearing Spin Gears, making it an extremley useful part. You can create many efficient combos with Draciel F's Blade Base.



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Takara Tomy




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