Blade Base - Hit Release (Draciel Version) is a Blade Base released as part of the Engine Gear System. It debuted with the release of Draciel G in April 2003.


With the final clutch base, Draciel G's engine gear is activated near the end of the battle as the beyblade loses momentum. But Draciel G's base is different from normal Final Clutch Bases: the Draciel G version has metal balls inside of the base. However, these balls do not affect the beyblades performance and therefore are moot. In addition, when the Engine Gear releases the beyblade has already lost so much spin velocity that this usually KO's Draciel G itself. The BB has no protrusion points, and therefore has no defense against lower opponents. For all of these reasons, Final Clutch Base is not recommended.

Wolborg IV Base Compatibility: Final Clutch Base was discovered to be compatible with Wolborg IV's CEW. The Engine Gear and Shell can fit inside of FCB and still perform normally. Although there are no notable differences in the performance of this combination, it should still be considered as an option for customization.


Draciel G's attack ring is viable for some smash attack, but is very prone to recoil damage. Also, Metal Ball is self-destructive and Final Clutch Base is mostly useless. Therefore, both parts are not encouraged for competitive play. This beyblade is very common online and tends to be a very cheap purchase. Still, this beyblade is useless for competition and should only be considered as a collectors item.


Takara Tomy

  • Draciel G



Takara Tomy




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