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Blade Base - Instant Release (Driger G Version) is a Blade Base released as part of the Engine Gear System. It debuted with the release of Driger G.


  • Weight: 7.3 grams

Driger G’s Blade Base is a rather plain, circular Blade Base, with a clutch that activates the Engine Gear at the start of the battle. Its smooth, sloped underside and round shape provide some Life After Death, but not to the degree of competitive notability, and its bulk prevents any offensive use. Its round shape makes it better than most Engine Gear Bases as it uses its bulk more effectively, but it still fails to find any use for this. The only use worth mentioning is some small ability in Circle Survivor Defense Customizations, however, it is outclassed for this purpose by Wolborg 4's Normal Base (Wolborg 4 Version), and therefore sees little use for this either. As such, like most Engine Gear Bases, First Clutch Base (Driger G) is considered mediocre and sees little to no use in serious competitive customization.


  • Driger G
    • Driger G - Hasbro Customize Engine Gear Version (Black) – Comes with Right Customize Engine Gear and Metal Semi-Flat CEW.
    • Driger G - Tournament Prize Versions (Gold, Silver and Bronze)