Metal Change Base is a Blade Base released as part of the Spin Gear System It debuted with the release of Driger S.


The BB of Driger S, Metal Change Base, has an interesting function. The tip is sharpest at its direct center, but flat on most of the tip. Because of this, you can use this tip as either an attack tip or survival tip.

When shot straight, Metal Change Base will land on the sharpest part of its tip. In this form, this BB has great survival, better than many bearing shaft BBs, such as Wolborg. However, if shot on a slant, the BB will land on the flattest part of its tip, causing it to move in an attack pattern. In this mode, Metal Change Base's movement is very quick and aggressive, somewhat like SG Metal Flat Base (Gaia Dragoon V). Metal Change Base provides an excellent mix of the two types.

Changing Modes During Battle

When a Beyblade donning Metal Change Base is hit in battle while in survival mode, it will often tilt and shift into attack mode. This will allow the Beyblade to deliver a returning attack to the opposing Beyblade before regaining its balance and shifting back into survival mode.

Using Sliding Shoot With Metal Change Base

Sliding Shoot causes the Beyblade to tilt when it is shot. Because of this, Metal Change Base will create a movement that sweeps through the center of the Beystadium, shifting from attack to survival mode constantly.

Use in Compact Customization

Metal Change Base is round with a low diameter and a metal tip that has balanced performance. Because of this, it is the perfect choice for a compact combo. Note: This is the same compact combo that was listed for Tiger Defenser.

  • AR: Tiger Defenser (Driger S)
  • WD: Ten Heavy
  • SG: Neo-Right SG Heavy Metal Core (Takara Metal Driger)
  • BB: Metal Change Base (Driger S)

As you can see, this Beyblade is not very different from an uncustomized Driger S. However, with just a few simple improvements, Driger S's strongest attributes can be exploited even further.

Rule Clarification: Tip Exchange

It is illegal to exchange the tip of Metal Change Base with any other tip.





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