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Blade Hunters, known as Maldives Team (モルディブチーム, Morudibu Chīmu) are a team featured in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade.


The Blade Hunters are the Maldivian representative team. The team are poor and could not afford proper Blades; their Beyblade and launcher was made of junk parts and assembled together so they could compete. Because of the fact their Beyblade was made of scrap parts, they had fragile Beyblade that easily fell apart due to being unfit for competition.


Beyblade: 2000[]

They participate in the Asian Tournament in China, losing to the Bladebreakers in the Semifinals (A Block Finals).

After losing they were upset and distraught by their loss because they gave it their best with what they had. Upon seeing how upset the team was, Max Tate offered them his Draciel Metal Ball Defenser to help lift their spirits and allow them to keep going. They accepted this gesture from him because it was the first time they ever had a proper Beyblade to battle with.


Member Image Beyblade Role Status
Chucky CHUCKY (BLADE HUNTERS) Bakushin-Oh Leader Active
Zippy ZIPPY (BLADE HUNTERS) Bakushin-Oh Member Active
Lippy LIPPY (BLADE HUNTERS) Bakushin-Oh Member Active


Event Match Score Result
Asian Tournament
Semifinals (A Block Finals)
Bladebreakers vs Blade Hunters 3 - 0 Lose





  • The Blade Hunters were the Bladebreakers’ opponents in the Asian Tournament arc, but they eventually formed a friendship with them, saying that the Blade Hunters will never forget the Bladebreakers. Then, they’re seen again in the Russian World Championships arc, supporting Tyson Granger as they watch the Beybattling between him and Tala on TV.