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MFB BladerKen

Blader DJ (left) at a photo shoot during a WBBA tourney with Blader Ken (right).

Blader DJ is a real Beyblade referee in Japan. Working under the WBBA, Blader DJ acts as the real-life version of his anime and manga counterpart. As a referee, Blader DJ is always there to ref battles and encourages good play and good sportsmanship with his fellow partner, Blader Ken.


Blader DJ clads himself in almost the same attire as his animated counterpart. With a red bandana with white highlights over his small straight, brown hair, and hazel-brown eyes with a light skin tone; along with a black headpiece to ref battles. He wears a black, unzipped and sleeve-less jacket with a vibrant blue tee-shirt, Whilst, also having black patches on his elbows along with a black watch on his right arm. He clads himself in blue jeans as well.


  • He voices the Blader DJ in the anime.
    • Though they are the not the same characters, both Bakuten Shoot Beyblades Blader DJ and MS Blader DJ are based on him. This is why the two have many similarities with each other, and himself.