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The Blazing Gigs Tempest (Japanese: ブレイジングギグス・テンペスト) is a Special Move used by Kai Hiwatari with both Dranzer G and Dranzer GT. This move is exclusive to the "Beyblade: G-Revolution" anime and has not been featured in any other media.


The Blazing Gigs Tempest is two-phase attack that immobilizes the enemy Bey with a storm of burning feathers while Kai's Beyblade charges in for a decisive strike. Following the sequence of actions, Kai is depicted guiding a flame with the middle and index fingers of his right hand which he ignites as flaming wings on his back. This initiates a two-phase attack as the wings explodes into a shower of burning feathers which rain upon the battlefield. If struck, other feathers will converge upon the enemy Bey and barricade them, restricting their movements while Kai's Beyblade materializes from other feathers for a charging or diving attack.

Like the Blazing Gigs, the move makes a distinction in the power of the move through the use of colored flames: orange and blue. Both types reflects Kai's current level of strength, with the blue-colored flames being the strongest version of the move.


This move first debuted during the second match of the third Beyblade World Championship semi-final round between Kai and Ray. During an intense battle, Ray unleashes his Gatling Claw Maximum, which Kai counters with the Blazing Gigs Tempest. Despite its tremendous speed, Kai managed to immobilize Ray's Bey with the storm of feathers from his attack and eject it from the stadium, winning the battle.

After its debut, Kai would continue to deploy this move numerous times after. The second instance being during the final match of the third annual Beyblade World Championship against Tyson and his Dragoon GT, where he successfully fences Tyson's Bey in feathers to which Tyson counters with his Galaxy Turbo Twister. Kai would use the move a final time during his exhibition match against Brooklyn and his Zeus at BEGA's headquarters. Similar to his match with Tyson, Kai's attack was thwarted during it's second phase by a storm generated by Brooklyn's Bey.


Though the Katakana "ブレイジングギグス" provides the syllabary for the reading of the Special Move Kanji in the manga, using the proper Hiragana gives the name an altered transliteration:

Kanji 暗殺 爆炎
Hiragana あんさつ ばくえん
Transliteration Ansatsu Bakuen
Literal translation assassination explosion



  • This move was only successful one time out of the three instances it was deployed. This being during its debut during Kai's match against Ray in the semi-finals.