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Blazing Gigs Tempest is a Special Move used by Kai Hiwatari's Dranzer G and Dranzer GT.


Though this attack shares the same name with his earlier attack on Dranzer G, the attack is totally different and is used when Kai takes off his scarf. In this, Kai uses his two fingers which create fire while calling out the name of his attack and flies into the air, causing his arms to catch fire and turn into the shape of Dranzer's wings, which then launch a barrage of flaming feathers that try to impale the opponent's beyblade. Once a feather makes contact with the opponent's beyblade, it is stunned for a moment, allowing the remaining feathers to combine into Dranzer and knock them out of the stadium.



Except for Ray, this attack has been blocked by both Tyson and Brooklyn. The only victim of this attack was Ray, who was weakened by the use of his Gatling Claw Maxmimum.