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I've come to learn that groups just aren't my thing after all. I prefer to pursue my artistry in solitude, for I am Blindt DeVoy.
— Blindt DeVoy, Beyblade Burst Rise - Episode 23

Blindt DeVoy, known as Blind DeVoy (ブリント・デボイ, Burinto Deboi) in Japan, is a character in the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst Rise. He fights with his Beyblade, Dusk Balkesh 7Wall Orbit Metal Gen. He is the last of the Risen 3.


Blindt is an average height boy with blue eyes and long lashes, and violet hair styled into five conical ringlets. His attire is a late-Baroque style clothing, consisting of a moss-colored frock coat with pearl embroidery, a white cravat with a red brooch, a bright green justacorps with gold sleeve borders and frame, a coordinating green top hat, brown breeches, white stockings, white heeled shoes with golden buckles, and white gloves.


Blindt is introverted and very eccentric. He willfully avoided the European championship because he only battles opponents who pique his creativity.  His integrity as an artist is more important to him than rank and social participation in the Beyblade world.  

He gets emotionally swept up searching for inspiration in his Beybattles and has an uncanny ability to see the abstract fighting spirit of his opponents, and regards them much as an artist regards a model. He also loves to see the dark fighting spirit inside of his opponents, like Delta from the past and Arthur from Hell. Unlike other bladers who are focused on their own performance, Blindt fixates on his opponents, pushing them to reveal their “true heart.” He tells Delta “When I defeat the real you, my art will be complete.”



Beyblade Burst Rise


Special Moves

  • Dark-Flux: Similar to Hyper-Flux, the Bey turns a new color when it and its Blader are in complete synchronization. However, because the unity is corrupted, the Beyblade turns black and crimson with emits magenta/black sparks instead of golden sparkles.
  • Dusk Wing: Balkesh uses the blade-shaped wings on the Dusk Layer Base to parry and counter incoming attacks.
  • Dusk Circle: After taking damage, Balkesh retracts the sharp 'wings' of the Dusk Layer Base, then releases 2 smooth 'wings'. The new 'wings' change the shape of the base into a circle, forming a shield which protects Balkesh from incoming attacks.
  • Dusk Crash: Balkesh takes its opponents attack and uses the momentum of climbing the Beystadium's slope to crash head-on with the opponent.
  • Dusk Vertical: If Balkesh is knocked from the center of the stadium after Dusk Circle is triggered, it will land on the stadium edge. Instead of landing on the Performance Tip however, Balkesh lands on its side and uses the circular shaped Layer Base to roll without losing spin. Balkesh will then ride the slope of the stadium to build up speed and crash into its opponent.
  • Dusk Gyro: After Dusk Vertical is triggered, Balkesh will spin horizontally on its Layer Base as it rolls to build up speed and crash into its opponent.


Beyblade Burst Rise
Opponent Episode Result
Delta Zakuro 09-10 Lose (1-3)
Dante Koryu 11-12 Lose (1-2)
Dante Koryu 16 Lose (0-2)
Delta Zakuro 23 Lose (0-2)

Official Description

Beyblade Burst Rise

As prideful as he is talented, Blindt DeVoy is a Blading artist and one of the Risen 3. He prizes beautiful Blading above all else, and has no time for sloppy, amateurish opponents. Blindt has taken up residence in an ancient castle, where he paints his opponents’ true forms before battling them in his gallery.

Anime Appearances

Beyblade Burst Rise


Delta Zakuro

Blindt was shown to be very passionate about Delta's past self; as he painted Devolos, indicating that Delta had potential within him and was very eager to see all of it. Hence why he drew out their battle together to make it his own art.

Arthur Peregrine

Blindt has become fascinated by Arthur's dark personality, so he joined Inferno in order to become stronger. He even managed to achieve Dark-Flux like him as well.

Dante Koryu

Blindt has seen an interesting taste in Dante during the events of the Battle Island Tournament, he meets Dante again after the Battle Island Tournament.




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  • Blindt's blood type is AB.[1]
  • Blindt is one of the four Beyblade Burst Rise characters whose initials are the same as his Bey: Dusk Balkesh, the others being Pheng Hope, Arthur Peregrine, and Gwyn Reynolds.
  • Like Lodin, is unknown how Blindt obtained Balkesh, as it was previously owned by Boa Alcazaba.
    • Blindt is also the only member of the Risen 3 to not own the first version of their Beyblade.
  • Blindt is the only member of the Risen 3 to not own a right-spinning Beyblade.
  • An entire wall of art in Blindt’s home pays homage to Orphism, a movement pioneered by Robert and Sonia Delaunay, known for heavy use of brightly colored circles. This may be a nod to his special move, Dusk Circle.
  • He is the Burst counterpart of Jack in Metal Saga.
  • Blindt is the first Blader that lost at his debut battle besides the main protagonists.
  • Despite being one of the Risen 3, Blindt has lost in all of his on-screen matches so far.
  • Blindt is the second character after Arthur Peregrine to use Dark-Flux.
  • Just like the previous owner of Balkesh, Boa Alcazaba, Blindt was also a former member of an antagonistic team of his debut season.
  • Blindt's zodiac is a Scorpio.
  • The red brooch may be related to the Gen Layer Weight.
  • Blindt is the only Balkesh user who is right-handed; Boa is left-handed.
  • Although Blindt has the ability to use Dark-Flux, his Dark-Flux is only partial, making him the only Flux user in Rise to not master a Flux move.