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Blitz Lynx TR145R2F is an Attack Type Beyblade released by Hasbro as part of the Hybrid Wheel System. It was released in western countries in the Beyblade: Metal Fury Great Ring of Destruction 2-Pack for USD$15.99 in the United States.

Face Bolt - Lynx[]

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The Face Bolt depicts "Lynx", one of the 88 constellations in space. The Face Bolt print simply depicts the head of a lynx. The Face Bolt stickers feature a spot pattern based on those of a lynx, similar to the Energy Ring stickers.

Energy Ring - Lynx[]

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Lynx is a two-sided Energy Ring with curved sides that emulate the paws of a lynx. It has two notches in between the sides that is slightly curved. Due to its two-sided symmetrical shape, Lynx is better used in tandem with two-sided Fusion Wheels such as Beat for improved weight distribution. Like other 4D Clear Wheels, Lynx contains iron powder, which was advertised by Takara Tomy to increase the weight of the Energy Ring.

Fusion Wheel - Blitz[]

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Hasbro's Blitz, like other Metal Fury remakes of 4D Metal Wheels, forgoes the mode change gimmick, and is hollowed out, reducing its weight by 12 grams. As such, Hasbro's Blitz does not separate into components, and has very high recoil. Hasbro's Blitz is molded to match the "Assault Mode" configuration of the original Blitz Fusion Wheel.

Spin Track - Triple Roller 145[]

Main article: Spin Track - Triple Roller 145

TR145 is one of the many 145-height Spin Tracks that features a three winged design. Its gimmick is the free-spinning rollers at the points of each wing, which are designed to deflect attacks from below in a manner similar to ED145. While the rollers do not really perform their intended function, they do serve another purpose – they provide the Beyblade with a small amount of Life After Death (LAD) by allowing it to roll along the floor of the Stadium for a short period of time after falling over. This attribute, combined with the relatively small gaps between TR145’s wings and the rather smooth, circular shape of the Spin Track, make it a useful piece for Stamina Type customizations and Spin Equalizers. However, SA165 performs TR145’s LAD function much more efficiently and is at a more advantageous height for Spin Equalization, thus rendering TR145 obsolete.

Performance Tip - Right Rubber Flat[]

Main article: Performance Tip - Right Rubber Flat

Right Rubber Flat (R²F/R2F) is an upgraded version of Rubber Flat (RF). While retaining the same basic appearance, the Performance Tip, instead of being flat, features six curves going in a right-ward motion, giving it a star-like shape. This provides the Beyblade with fast and much more aggressive movement and speed than that of RF. This is due to the added friction that is created as a result. However there is a downside; despite its fast movement, it has low Stamina, much lower than that of RF. When first used, Right Rubber Flat will be too fast and hard to control, so it is recommended that a Blader wears it down with a few practice battles for it to become more controllable.





  • Most of the components of this Beyblade can be considered "BeyPower Parts", or competitive parts. The only exception is the Blitz Fusion Wheel - while the Takara Tomy version is viable, the Hasbro version is not.