Blitz Striker 100RSF (Blitz Unicorno in Japan) is an Attack-Type Beyblade that appears in the Beyblade: Metal Fury anime and manga series. It is the upgraded form of Ray Striker D125CS and was released with the Strongest Blader Set on August 6, 2011 in Japan. Hasbro has released Blitz Striker 100SF, substituting RSF with SF.

Blitz Striker's main feature is its fusion wheel, Blitz. It can change between two modes, Assault Mode and Barrage Mode. Blitz Striker also features high attack power similar to Variares D:D.

Face Bolt: Unicorno/Striker II

The Face Bolt depicts "Monoceros", one of the 88 constellations in space, which is also a winter constellation. Monoceros is Greek for "Unicorn". The design resembles the original Striker Face Bolt design, but in a more stylized design, giving it a more edgy, flame-like design. It shows a Monoceros face outlined in yellow, while on a blue Facebolt. The Unicorn is also more detailed than the other Striker Facebolts.

4D Energy Ring: Unicorno/Striker II

Main article: 4D Energy Ring - Striker II

  • Weight: 3.27 Grams

Unicorno II resembles the original Unicorno Clear Wheel but wider with Iron powder scattered throughout it, as is common with 4D Beyblades. The three "horns" of the Unicorn motif are now purple instead of bronze, as they were on the original Unicorno Clear Wheel. As this CW is thicker, more elevated, and heavier than its predecessor, it should take priority when selecting a three-sided CW.

4D Fusion Wheel: Blitz

Main article: 4D Fusion Wheel - Blitz

  • Weight: 43.72 Grams

This Metal Wheel is made up of two parts: a Core, which comprises the bulk of the Metal Wheel, and a Metal Frame.

Metal Frame

  • Weight: 12.65 Grams

The Metal Frame of this 4D Metal Wheel is the piece that acts as the primary mechanism behind its Mode Change. It has three small protrusions, which fit in with the gaps in the Core, and the protrusions are smaller than each protrusion on the Core.


  • Weight: 31.07 grams

Blitz's Core has three separate primary contact points, whereupon the metal slopes down and outward into a finer surface, creating "bumps" on the front-most portion of each wing segment. These slopes provide an advantage in the form of allowing maximum contact with the primary contact points, and often throwing the opposing Wheel slightly off balance when used on a lower Track.

Like all 4D Metal Wheels, Blitz features a mode changing gimmick. It works by rotating the Metal Frame while the Beyblade is disassembled. The two Modes are:

  • Assault Attack Mode

In this mode, the protrusions on each side of the Metal Frame fit against the six contact points of the Core, creating a single "Wing" on each side, forming a shape very much like Triple Wing (Trygle) from the Plastics generation.

  • Barrage Attack Mode

In this mode, the amount of contact points or "Wings" is doubled from three to six by rotating the Metal Frame. However, in doing this, the length of each wing is shortened.

Assault Attack Mode is usually the preferred mode of the two, as it is shown to have considerably lower amounts of Recoil, while providing more consistent contact force with it's longer, more pronounced wings. This Wheel has proven to be highly functional and is considered a top-tier right-spin Smash Attack Metal Wheel. It is one of few Smash Wheels with the ability to net a solid KO even at a low spin-velocity. However, this Wheel also suffers from extremely high recoil, and falls prey to an outstanding weakness to left-spin Attackers such as Lightning L Drago/L Drago Destroy 85/90/CH120/BD145RF/R2F/LRF.

Since heavier and more aggressive Wheels such as Flash and Wyvang were released, Blitz, which was already a second choice compared to VariAres, became considerably outclassed, especially in battles against the equally heavier Defense parts from Zero-G.

Use in Attack Customizations

Blitz's Smash Attack can be used to great effect in the versatile Attack custom, MF Blitz Unicorno II CH120R2F.

Additionally, the low-profile combo, Blitz Unicorno II 85R2F has been discovered to be capable of easily and reliably KOing MF-H Basalt Kerbecs BD145CS.

Spin Track: 100

Main article: Spin Track - 100

  • Weight: 1.0 gram

This Track is the third lowest track available, but is outclassed in terms of Attack and Stamina by the 85 and 90 Tracks. 100 usually has no problem with floor scrapes, and while it is generally an outclassed part, it is still competitively viable, particularly in Attack customizations where it is able to make good contact with most opposing Beyblades.

Attack: 1 - Defense: 0 - Stamina: 0


Performance Tip: Rubber Semi Flat (RSF)

Main article: Performance Tip - Rubber Semi Flat

RSF or Rubber Semi Flat, is an SF Bottom completely made out of rubber.


It is essentially a flat tip with a smaller radius, affording it a firm, defensive grip on the Stadium, but still allowing for a somewhat aggressive movement pattern with the proper launch.

Its drawbacks are that it has shown major weaknesses against Left-Spin Beyblades such as Lightning L Drago, much like RS. RSF, like most Rubber Performance Tips, suffers from poor Stamina, although it has been shown to have slightly more Stamina than RS, due to a wider surface area, resulting in better balance at the end of a battle.

Compared to RDF and even RF however, RSF is not the preferred choice of tip even in Defense, suffering from the eternal issue Balance parts have of not excelling in any type and instead performing decently in two or more categories.

IMPORTANT: Mold Variations

RSF has two Mold variations. The RSF's included in Random Booster Vol. 7 Beat Lynx, specifically with the Bey Cyclone Horuseus 130RSF. This mold appears to be made of a softer rubber, and thereby behaves more aggressively than other molds. This should be taken into consideration when choosing a method of obtaining an RSF. The RSF included with Blitz Unicorno 100RSF is of the harder rubber variant.

Other versions

Event02 img

Blitz Striker Blue Horn Ver

  • Blitz Unicorno Blue Horn Ver. - WBBA Exclusive, Japan Championship 2012 (Metallic blue Blitz, Red Unicorno II)
  • Blitz Striker 100SF - Hasbro Metal Fury


Blitz Unicorno 100RSF has thus far only been released with the BB-117 Strongest Blader Set as well as the short Starter release it had from Hasbro, so the prize for this Beyblade does not get justified by the value of this now outclassed Attacker. Therefore, this Beyblade should only be considered if a preferred alternative cannot be purchased, or for collection purposes.


Blitz Striker 100RSF




  • Blitz is German for "lightning".
  • Blitz Striker is the second Beyblade to have the 100RSF combo. The 100RSF combo was first released with Ray Gil 100RSF.
  • Blitz Wheel's Assault Mode is reminiscent to Ancient Wheel, a video-game exclusive Metal Wheel from Ancient Rex SW145SD.
  • Due to its shape, Blitz is somewhat more easily breakable than other Metal Wheels.
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