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Xiphoid Xcalibur Pre-0rder

Xiphoid Xcalibur pre-order has just arrived!!! Order now at

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Gatling Dragon and Chain Kerbeus Info

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Ultimate Valkyrie Korean ver.

Ultimate Valkyrie Korean version set unboxing

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Announcement and Unboxing

Beyblade Burst QuadDrive app of Hasbro id finally here! Galaxy Orbit Battle Set is also released in some cities in America. Watch and visit the link for more details! (Beyblade Burst QuadDrive app) (Galaxy Orbit Battle Set)

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how hasbro should release bu (if they do)

ok, i'm just gonna start.

for the main system i think they'll stick with quaddrive since a) i really like it and b) bu is just a continuation of the db system, so it makes sense hasbro's bu is a continuation of the qd system.

they'll most likely have less waves and less beys in those waves. so for wave 1 i think the set (if they do one) will have divine evo belfyre b7 and chain kerbeus k7. for the stadium, they can make their own design.

for the wave 1 starters, it'll have a divine and chain recolour and then probably an exclusive. for the 2-packs just do more exclusives either evos to previous exclusives like spear dulahan, new exclusives like berserk lynwrym or evos to pre-existing beys like stone nemesis, then pair them with a recolour.


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Breaked Beyblades

1. Shu Kurenai (Storm Spriggan Knuckle Unite): Damaged/slightly cracked by Wakiya Komurasakis beyblade: Wild Wyvern Vertical Orbit and Lui shirosagijo's beyblade: Lost Longinus Nine Spiral gave the killing blow, splitting it into 2 parts.

2. Valt Aoi (Victory Valkyrie Boost Variable): Damaged/cracked after it was sent into the wall by Sisco Karlisle's beyblade: Kreis Satan 2Glaive Loop

3. Ghasem Madal(King Kerbeus Gravity Revolve): Split into 2 parts by Sisco Karlisle's beyblade: Kreis Satan 2Glaive Loop

4. Ghasem Madal (Maximum Garuda 8Flow Flugal): Destroyed after being lodged in between moving gears in the Big Ben Tower after being knocked there by Red Eye's beyblade: Legend Spriggan 7 Merge

5. Valt Aoi (Strike God valkyrie 6 Vortex Reboot): Reboot Driver was split…

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If you wan to watch Beyblade Unboxings, Combos, and Announcements, I recommend you to visit the link below:


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Interstellar Drop Battle Set

Here is the announcement for the Interstellar Drop Battle Set:

BEYBLADE BURST QUADDRIVE INTERSTELLAR DROP BATTLE SET (HASBRO/Ages 8 years & up/Players: 2/Approx. Retail Price: $66.99/Available: Fall 2022) Beyblade QuadDrive tech puts the future of Beyblade battling in your hands with the first ever 4-in-1 top! QuadDrive tops can be configured in 4 ways, for 4 ways to strategize, 4 ways to customize, 4 modes to battle, and 4 modes to win! Modify your top to gain the battle advantage. Customize the battle on 2 levels with the Interstellar Drop Battle Set! Comes with Interstellar Drop Beystadium, 2 right/left-spin launchers, 2 extra Armor Tips, and 2-sided removable disc. Also includes 2 right-spin QuadDrive tops: Devastate Evo Belfyre B7 G01 …

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Sadly, it is announced that the Beyblade Burst anime is officially over.It has been airing for 6 years and has 6 seasons, which are Beyblade Burst,Beyblade Burst Evolution, Beyblade Burst Turbo, Beyblade Burst Rise, Beyblade Burst Surge, and Beyblade Burst QuadDrive. Well,it is still not over yet, because Takara Tomy will still release new Beyblades for like a year and Hasbro releases for like 2 years. But if you still want to see the announcement video of the end of the season, visit the link in the description below.

For you,what is your favorite Beyblade burst season?

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BEYBLADER1100 BEYBLADER1100 14 February

predicting the english quaddrive titles

ok i just want to predict what the next titles may be changed to.

13: the eight-headed dragon! guilty luinor!

14: the flying dark prince's great advance!

15: the dark prince's return! devestate belfyre!

16: ring of light! glory regnar!

17: reverse! reverse! counterattack!

18: the dark prince, leaves the team?!

19: fury! glory pendalum! (or whatever they change the move to)

20: run! panic! full custom launcher! (change the launcher part to whatever they call it)

21: flame bird! Prominence Phoenix!

22: crimson battle! prominence shaker!

23: perfect belfyre! chase the phoenix! (i changed the perfect gear to perfect belfyre just because i feel like they would call both perfect gears perfect belfyre)

24: a great uproar! phantom's gate!

25: great clash! wrec…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 19 January

Hasbro Evolution Gears prediction

Since the QuadDrive System parts are mostly made out of plastic (Not including the discs), since Hasbro is going to have the plastic Gravity Rings and attachable and deattachable Armor Tips, I think I have a pretty good idea how they will have the Evolution Gears created.

  • 1 L Gear
  • 2 F Gear
  • 3 S Gear
  • 4 V Gear
  • 5 What will be the name of Destruction Belfyre B7 with all of the Gears

For the L Gear Hasbro version I predict that it will be made out of plastic like the Gravity Rings where you can use to replace the Gravity Ring - 2 or any other Gravity Ring. Like the Takara Tomy's L Gear I think that the Hasbro version will be used to make the where any bey has has the Destruction Blade or the Dangerous Blade (whatever Hasbro will call it) to be in High Mod…

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Wujusonyeo Wujusonyeo 15 December 2021

German Voice actors


I noticed on character pages there is no option to add german Voice Actors and I am not sure how to add that option mysekf since the templates are locked

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 4 November 2021

Note: Hard Launch

The Hard Launch is a launch style that isd used in real life and in the anime/manga. To use the Hard Launch is to launch your bey with a lot of force or strength, basiclly you launch hard and fast with your launcher when your launching your bey. The hard launch is used by other bladers in the Beyblade Burst Series. The Hard Launch is also used for certain beys with a anti-burst gimmicks like the Turbo Awakening beys and the Overdrive system beys. The hard launch used for a certain launcher's gimmick like the Lightning Launch in Beyblade Burst Surge. The Hard Launch is also used for other bladers for others reasons. Like using the Hard Launch for an increase of attack power or defense power and spin speed. The Hard Launch was also used to ac…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 3 November 2021

Note: The Light Launch

The Light Launch also known as the Soft Launch or the Slow Mo Launch (depending which subtitles you read) is a launch style that a blader can use to Spin Steal against an opponents or if the opponent's bey has rubber. The light launch is done by weakly or slowly pulling the winder or ripcord (ripcord or string launcher) of the launcher. Using it will allow beyblade to spin steal against opposet spin direction or even cause a Slow Motion Burst. I have noted that there are a few users of the Light Launch with a spefic beyblade. It also knowed that the Light Launch can be mistakes as a Miss Launch.

It has made 10 appearences in the anime so far, with 4 users.

Free De La Hoya is the 1st user of this launch style, I believe that he first uses this agai…

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ItzYuhun ItzYuhun 22 October 2021


Yagarish (ヤガリツュ, Yagarishu), sometimes Yagrush (ヤグルーツュ, Yagurūshu), is Yuhun's fan-made Beyblade Burst character, appearing in Yuhun's currently unnamed Beyblade fan-fiction. She is sometimes known as either the Vendetta (ヴェンデッタ, Vu~ endetta) or Chaser (チェイサー, Cheisā), and participates in Beybattles with one or both of her Beyblades: Singularity Aurgelmir 12' Assault'-9 and Tiamat Grand Tact Fleurix Lure'-9. In the fan-fiction, she had a very close bond with her two Beyblades and those that she considered to be her close friends.

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Appearances
  • 4 Beyblades
    • 4.1 Launch Style
    • 4.2 Special Moves
  • 5 Official Description
  • 6 Gallery
  • 7 Relationships
  • 9 Trivia

When not participating in a Beybattle, Yagarish tends to seclude herself from others, spendin…

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ItzYuhun ItzYuhun 8 October 2021

Singularity Aurgelmir 12' Assault'-9

This is non-canon. This Beyblade may be appearing in one of my fanfictions, so be warned that this page will contain spoilers.Singularity Aurgelmir 12' Assault'-9 (シングレリティ オーゲルミール・トウェルブ ダッシュ・アサルト ダッシュ・ナイン, Shingureriti Ōgerumīru Torerubu Dasshu Asaruto Dasshu-9), stylised as ςingularity αurgelmir 12' αssault'-9, is a Balance Type Beyblade that would be part of the Burst System as well as the Dynamite Battle Layer System. As a fan-made Beyblade, it is set to appear in one of Yuhun's stories, and is owned by Yagarish.

  • 1 DB Core - Aurgelmir
  • 2 Blade - Singularity
  • 3 Armor - 9
  • 4 Forge Disc - 12'
  • 5 Performance Tip - Assault'
  • 6 Gallery
    • 6.1 Fanfiction
    • 6.2 Concept Art
  • 7 Trivia

" The motif is of the first being, Aurgelmir. A Dual-Spin DB Core which can spin either left or r…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 2 October 2021

Could Right-Spin Beys do the Slow Motion Burst

Since Beyblade Burst Evolution introduce the Slow Motion Burst technique, I bet that some people asked the question if Right-Spin beys could use this technique. Well actually the answer is Yes they can use the technique. But it's very hard, it took a lot of tries to do it. I tried with Spryzen Requiem in Right Spin trying to burst Nightmare Lunior. It actually did happen, but it took many tries. I think the only reason why they say that Left-Spin beys because it's easier to do. And yes Dual-Spin beys in Left-Spin can also do it.

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 23 September 2021

Coudl Rantaro Kiyama return in Beyblade Burst QuadDrive

Since Beyblade Burst QuadDrive is still in in the arc of the Dynamite Battle Tour and members of the Legendary Bladers in Burst are being seen for the battles. There could be a possibly that Rantaro Kiyama could appear for the battles. Now it could be possible that some other members of the legendary bladers will appear like Silas Karlisle, Dante Koryu, Delta Zakuro. Gwyn Reynolds, Xander Shakadera, Aiger Akabane, Zac Kaneguro, and Daigo Kurogami. Now it's still possible that Rantaro and Wakiya could have their own DB Beyblade. For Rantaro he could possibly have his own Cyclone Ragnaruk Giga Never-6 as a recolor or his own version. Now I still would like to see Jet Wyvern Around Just 1D's avatar in this season. If Rantaro returns in this se…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 21 September 2021

Possible Special Moves for Astral Spriggan

Since the appearance of Shu's Astral Spriggan Over Quattro-0 we only seen two special moves of Astral Spriggan. Such as Astral Slash and Astral Spark. However there is still a chance to see more special moves in the future.

  • 1 Astral Spin
  • 2 Astral Upper
  • 3 Astral Smash
  • 4 Counter Break
  • 5 Upper Launch

When the Astral blade is set to left spin. Spriggan's rubber absorbs the impact of the Right Spin opponent's attacks and converts the kinetic energy gathered from its opponent into its own additional rotational velocity, allowing it to propel faster and faster with each hit so long as it spins slower than the opponent. I also have reasons to believe that Astral Spriggan can use this move in right-spin High Mode.

I believe that Astral Spriggan could possibly us…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 20 September 2021

Could there be another Burst Season

So Beyblade Burst is the longest running franchise since the first Beyblade Burst Season and no one knowns when the franchise will end. This has made me reason to believe that there could be a another season after Beyblade Burst QuadDrive. However since the QuadDrive season isn't over yet. I would like to see some things happen in the season. Like Jet Wyvern's Avatar and DB Wyvern and characters return Dante Koryu, Aiger Akabane, Delta Zakuro, and some other members of the Legendary Bladers. There could be some other things that needs to happened in the current series like Basara Suiryu's Circle Shape-Shift Defense Special Move. Which I'm going to call Roar Defense or Roaring Circle or Roar Guard. And there some parts needs their names to …

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Poliwagd4bl0gg3r Poliwagd4bl0gg3r 5 June 2021

Aqua Kraken Lore Prevail-6

is a TYPE-Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System as well as the Dynamite Layer System. It was created on 6/5/21, as the evolution of Hasbro's Cosmic Kraken K5 Lore Valor-H.
  • 1 Core:Kraken
  • 2 Armour:6
  • 3 Blade:Aqua
  • 4 Forge Disc: Lore (DB)
  • 5 Performance Tip: Prevail
  • 6 Gallery
    • 6.1 Toyline
      • 6.1.1 Takara Tomy
  • 7 Trivia
  • 8 References

Kraken features the Kraken motif used on Kraken K4 and Kraken K5, but the anchor design is moved to the sides of the core, the axe is more stylised into a K. It has 3 strong teeth.

Aqua features POM plastic resembling tentacles surrounding it, with the design resembling Kraken K4, though adjusted to resemble Archer Hercules's shape, right down the metal placement resembling the latter's.

This version of Lore is upgraded from Its Hyp…

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Stygies VIII Stygies VIII 2 June 2021

FandomDesktop issue and bug reporting

Hi everyone!

If you haven't noticed yet, the opt-in for FandomDesktop is now live, which means that you can manually opt-in and out of it to view it. Just check out "appearance" in preferences. Administrators can start fixing discrepancies between the two skins via a new Theme Designer. I've set a basic default theme, based on the old one, but remember that there are two versions: dark and light theme. Admins can prepare and change both versions right now and/or ask me for help with that.

If you notice anything is wrong, broken, doesn't look right, is unreadable in dark or light mode, etc, please report it here. I'll get back here on a regular basis to collect the information and fix it or forward to developers, if it's a bug that needs to b…

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Poliwagd4bl0gg3r Poliwagd4bl0gg3r 25 May 2021

Vortex Ape evolution

is a Attack-Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System. It was created on 24/5/21 as the evolution of Vortex Ape.
  • 1 Superking Chip: Ape
  • 2 Ring;Smash
  • 3 Chassis:1A
  • 4 Performance Tip: Venture
  • 5 Gallery
  • 6 Trivia
  • 7 References

The Chip shows a gorilla's head with the core on the forehead.

Smash was designed to be based on Mountain Hammer, but the 2 contact points are slightly more exposed.

  • Like its predecessor Vortex Ape (Anime) and and its successor, Smash Ape's name is based on the word Smash, the action of violently destroying something, and Ape, a tailless simian primate.
  • Smash Ape's Avatar is an upgrade of the original Bit Beast with a few modifications:
    • Ape is now standing upright.
    • The Armour now covers more of its head, hands and feet.
    • The Helmet is l…

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Yoyopog Yoyopog 15 May 2021


Beyblade Burst DB


1. Rashad Goodman

2. Valt Aoi

3. Lean Walhalla

4. Shu Kurenai

5. Aiga Akabane

6. Free De La Hoya

7. Lui Shirosagijo

8. Drum Koryu

9. Phi

10. Gwyn Ronny

11. Delta Zakuro

12. Xander Shakedera

13. Sico Karlisle

14. Zac Kaneguro

15. Wakiya Murasaki


1. Daigo Kurogami

2. Hikaru Asahi

3. Hyuga Asahi

4. Fubuki Sumiye

5. Rantaro Kiyama

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Yoyopog Yoyopog 9 May 2021

Roles of Beyblade Burst Characters

Protagonist - Valt Aoi

Deuteragonist - Shu Kurenai

Antagonist- Lui Shirosagi

Main Characters - Rantaro Kiyama, Ken Midori, Daigo Kurogami, Wakiya Murasaki, Nika Aoi, Toko Aoi

Protagonist - Valt Aoi

Deuteragonist - Free De La Hoya

Antagonist - Shu Kurenai

Main Characters - Rantaro Kiyama, Daigo Kurogami, Wakiya Murasaki, Silas Karlisle, Cuza Ackermann, Kit Lopez, Kristina Kuroda

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Yoyopog Yoyopog 5 May 2021


World Spriggan - Attack: World(Right) Valkyrie Charge Metal 2A Defense: World Spriggan Mobius 2S (Recommended) Stamina: World(Left) Uranus Nothing 2B

Mirage Fafnir - Defense: Mirage Helios Hybrid 1D Attack: King Fafnir Xceed 1B Stamina: Curse Hyperion Revolve 2S (Recommended)

Astral Spriggan - Attack: Savior Valkyrie Blitz Venture (V Gear)-0 Defense: Astral Bahamut Over Drift-2 Stamina: Astral Spriggan

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Stygies VIII Stygies VIII 16 March 2021

Bug smashing efforts

We're launching a 2 week quality of life bug fixing project! We’re undertaking it as we work through a ton of great feedback we got about the new unified experience we unveiled at Community Connect last weekend.

This work will focus on UCP bugs, like features not quite working the way they’re intended or the way they used to on the legacy platform and other bugs that worsen the "quality of life" user experience at the wikis. You can read more about it in this blog.

Because of this, I want you to send me information about bugs you encounter at the wiki currently. It doesn't have to be anything big, these can also be smaller issues that you'd want me to report as important to you, because they affect your daily wiki experience. It can be anyth…

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Retro SQUIRREL Retro SQUIRREL 5 March 2021

Beyblade Burst Rise's Finale - My Thoughts

Alright, so Rise is over. Here's a summary/my opinion on this episode, also known as the last "Normal Launcher Era" for me.

  1. Dante telling Gwyn that he considers him a friend and likes him is just... AWWWWWW!!!!!
  2. The entire final battle. Everything about it was Epicool (Get it?) and just totally awesome! Like, the fate of Beyblade hangs in the balance, and the main protagonist fights the final boss?! Sign me up! Plus it was just sweet to see Gwyn finally come around and accept Dante as a friend, and he reformed, too! Everyone just celebrated, and I was happy, too! I mean, would you want the sport you love fall under the hands of a ruthless supervillain? I didn't think so.
  3. The ending moment just made me laugh. Tango's telling Taka and Ichika to…
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Grim Foxy121903 Grim Foxy121903 3 March 2021


I love BEYBLADE it is awsome😁

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Ctsjem Ctsjem 20 February 2021

Hey what's up


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MiiMaster3 MiiMaster3 24 December 2020

Glyph Dragon VS Krusher Kerbeus!

Okay, so sometimes I will do beyblade battles, a little tournament and tell how they turned out. The first one im doing is Glyph Dragon VS Krusher Kerbeus. So, im not using a modern vertical drop set. im using Rail Rush Stadium, because I dont have The Vertical Drop Battle set. This is how it went. 3! 2! 1! Go! and Glyph Dragon is hovering there, while Kerbeus is doing the same. Dragon moves a little, into Kerbeus but I recorded it, and in super slow motion you can see it touched the chains and did seemingly nothing but, a closer looks shows it moved back a little, and it meant with that much force Kerbeus must have taken some damage. Their back to drifting around, and it's a stamina battle. Dragon should be able to do this, but Kerbeus wi…

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Jaovanny207 Jaovanny207 4 December 2020

my life

I Work on The Macy Parede Wiki Suppernanny Wiki

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Cha1It2An3Ya Cha1It2An3Ya 22 November 2020



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TechnoXtremeDevZ TechnoXtremeDevZ 19 November 2020


Hey guys... I suppose since I've reached 100 edits I suppose I should write a bit.....

TechnoXtremeDevZ (talk) 20:23, 19 November 2020 (UTC)

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Joshua013106 Joshua013106 19 November 2020

Hyperion Burn S U C K S

the new Hyperion blows guys it keep's bursting and Hyperion is my favorite out of the two what was takara tomy thinking but I watch a video that happen to imperial dragon where he Sand the the teeth on the chip to level with the base and it got more burst resistance you guy should try this out

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Poliwagd4bl0gg3r Poliwagd4bl0gg3r 14 November 2020

DX Limit Break:Info and opinions

This is my thoughts on the Limit Break set.

This stadium is wider than the standard, but it makes the tornado ridge bigger and the center smaller(rip old stamina combos). It also has 2 small fake pockets and 1 big one, which is an instant ko(which is terrible for some anti ko combos).

It is just a longer spark launcher with no bugs fixed.

Since Chassis are integrated into the ring, the ring now has teeth:Burn has flat teeth but Volcano gets tighter the more clicks it loses. The new chips also have metal(alongside the metal core).

Sadly, we can only use Kou, Ou and Cho on these Rings, and these discs are not cross compatible, which means we have a another Cho-Z Valkyrie situation(must always use Zenith). Also the discs are kinda more meant for …

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 23 October 2020

Could Free have a special move called Mirage Spin

Since Free was revealed to have Mirage Fafnir to Valt Aoi, Rantaro_Kiyama, and to Hikaru and Hyuga Asahi in Beyblade Burst Surge. Free has not yet called a new absorbing spin special move. During Beyblade Burst Surge Free did not say this absorbing spin technique for every time that Mirage Fafnir absorb spin from Right-Spinning Beys. Free has not yet called out the name of the special move for every time that Mirage Fafnir absorb spin. It will be most likely that if Free called out the move he would say "Mirage Spin", do to the fact that every Fafnir that Free use had the part of the name from the energy layers from pervious Fafnir's. In future episodes of Beyblade Burst Surge Free could possibly call out the move for his spin steal specia…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 23 October 2020

Could Mirage Fafnir use Nothing Break Theory

Mirage Fafnir has the Nothing Driver. It's possible that Mirage Fafnir could use Nothing Break but Free had not called out this move. It's most likely that Free used Nothing Break but not called out this move. Free in Surge could possibly use this move but not called out the name of this move. It's possibly that Free will go full power like he did in Beyblade Burst Evolution and Surge.

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 16 October 2020

The Sparking LR Launcher

Since the release of Death and Abyss Diabolos and of World Spriggan. It's only a matter of time that we see a Sparking LR in the Beyblade Burst Surge anime.

Takara Tomy has not yet created a LR Launcher that releases sparks yet like the other sparking launchers they made. But maybe in a future release they will probably create a LR Launcher.

In a upcoming releases for Beyblade Burst Surge. There is a Hasbro product called the "Spark Power Launcher". It's a ripcord sparking launcher that Hasbro made. But it's possible that this launcher will not release sparks like the Takara Tomy String Launcher.

Counterfeit Beyblade Companies have created their own Long LR Sparking Launcher. It has a ripcord and releases sparks like the Takara Tomy Sparking …

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 15 October 2020

Did Lean Break Fafnir Theory

In Beyblade Burst Surge we see a flashback where Lean and Free battle each other. Lean mention about "Uranus will destroys Fafnir". It's unknown which Fafnir that Free used. It was said on YouTube that Lean has destroyed Geist Fafnir meaning Geist Fafnir broke again. But I'm not sure which Fafnir that Free used that would have cause Free to get a new Fafnir. But here are some theories that Free may have use when he faced Lean.

  • 1 Drain Fafnir
  • 2 Geist Fafnir
  • 3 Unknown Generic Gamma Bey
  • 4 Conclusion

Free could have use the first Fafnir that he owned. That could mean that Free had another Fafnir that's been destroyed. This could possibly mean that Free couldn't have repaired Geist Fafnir after Beyblade Burst Turbo.

This most likely that Free got Geist F…

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WorldMike2B WorldMike2B 15 October 2020

Mostly like where were our favorite character's beyblade where created theory

Threw out the series of Beyblade Burst new evolutions of our favorite character's beyblade were scene in the series. I have a theory were the new evolutions were created. From pervious season it could be possible that they were created a those specific places.

  • 1 Valt Aoi
  • 2 Dante Koryu
  • 3 Delta Zakuro
  • 4 Aiger Akabane
  • 5 Shu Kurenai
  • 6 Free De la Hoya
  • 7 Rantaro Kiyama
  • 8 Ranjiro Kiyama
  • 9 Silas Karlisle
  • 10 Fumiya Kindo

In Beyblade Burst Rise we see Sword Valtryek in the first episode. Because Valt was in France for this. It's a most like chance that Valt and Raul evolved Turbo Valtryek at BC Sol or in Raul's Van. In Beyblade Burst Surge Valt gets Brave Valtryek it's possible that Valt and Silas and Rantaro created there Superking beys at BC Sol with Raul.

We seen Ace …

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Beybattler Beybattler 14 October 2020

Manga Images on the Wiki

Hi all, Beybattler here.

Quick announcement to make, with a rule update. Following an update in the rules on the WBO, full manga chapters will no longer be hosted, nor posted in our articles.

Relevant images from the manga may still be used however, in order to illustrate parts of the article.

Removal of the full pages is currently occurring, and the pages will be monitored to ensure they stay within guidelines.

Thank you for your understanding, and if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact either I or another member of the team

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Poliwagd4bl0gg3r Poliwagd4bl0gg3r 20 September 2020

What I understand about World Spriggan

This is all of World Spriggan’s abilities.

If World’s bumpers take a hit or the combination delivers a Smash Attack, these bumpers will sink in and stop the teeth from skipping.

2B has a mode change gimmick. If World is aligned in a certain way, it will become either a 2 point Xcalibur for Attack and Hurricane's gimmick for Defense. According to Peter Pig’s tests, Mirage Fafnir’s ring (and possibly the chip) is the only parts that can’t use the Attack mode, it is, however, the only part able to us efree spin mode outside of stock, as the rest only activate attack mode. However, the ring may fall off slightly in battle and cause the chassis to switch to defense mode, so the ring must be secured properly before launching.

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Cyrilangminjie Cyrilangminjie 22 August 2020

Strongest Metal Fight Characters

These are just my opinion. Only bladers at their peak will be counted.

1. Gingka Hagane(with the entire world's star fragment)

2. Nemesis(Rago and Pluto)

3. Rago

4. Ginka Hagane (with other Legendary Bladers Powers)

5. Gingka Hagane (Normal Power level, he managed to survive the longest aganist Nemesis and thatts with his own power) 

6. Kyoya Tategami(claimed he defeated every legendary blader except Gingka)

7. Kenta Yumiya with Flash Saggitario(Not only has the power of L Drago but saggitario's own power, making him stronger than Ryuga)

8. Ryuga Kishatu (would have defeated every single blader except Ginka, Kyoya, Rago and Kenta)

9. King (managed to defeat Aguma and even made Ryuga Struggle and his bey is versatile )

10. Dynamis (managed to survive…

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Pizzaheadnascar22 Pizzaheadnascar22 9 August 2020

User page

I made an edit on my user page today. I know that's a weird reason to write a blog post, but I just want to.

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Poliwagd4bl0gg3r Poliwagd4bl0gg3r 9 August 2020

Superking 3 pack info

The rubber blades are very easy to activate and retract, but they seem more like Deep Chaos’ bound gimmick, as even the teeth are kinda weak. Charge Metal is simply Charge with The bottom part almost metal with a hole similar to Performance Tip - Zephyr, but it has a weak spring. Luckily, it won’t dent Beystadiums.

Wave appears to be Performance Tip - Fusion with a rigid wheel structure, but has decent LAD. That said, the stock combo it comes with, due to the Gatinko Layer System, often turns the bey into a hop attacker, like Mad Minoboros Quarter Quake.

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Jahmierebullard Jahmierebullard 26 July 2020






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Poliwagd4bl0gg3r Poliwagd4bl0gg3r 21 July 2020

Information abt lucifer

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Kylethebeyblader16 Kylethebeyblader16 4 July 2020

Arman Kusaba

Arman Kusaba is the owner of Bushin Ashindra.Hr.Kp天

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Kylethebeyblader16 Kylethebeyblader16 4 July 2020

Bushin Ashindra.Hr.Kp天

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