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Bone Slammer Aries is a Balance-Type BeyWheel that can be obtained in the Lance Storm 2-Pack. It has a few bumps producing powerful smash attacks.

Spirit Axle: Aries[]

The Spirit Axle has a picture of a ram's head on it. It is based on Aries, the horoscope and zodiac sign.

Spirit Shield: Aries[]

It has 2 large horns that do a lot of damage. It is Red and White in color.

Energy Core: Bone[]

The Bone Energy Core has multiple small bumps all over the Energy Core, along with some bumps connecting each of the small bumps. It is grey in color.

Attack Gear: Slammer[]

The Slammer Attack Gear has two large horns resembling a ram's head, and in all 4 corners, it has a sphere-like shape. It is Red and White in color