Bone Slammer Aries
Release Date(s)
Product Details
Product Code: W-13
Type: Balance
Spirit Axle: Aries
Spirit Shield: Aries
Energy Core: Bone
Attack Gear: Slammer
Owner: Marche
First anime appearance: Episode 5

Bone Slammer Aries is a Balance-Type BeyWheel that can be obtained in the Lance Storm 2-Pack. It has a few bumps producing powerful smash attacks.

Spirit Axle: Aries

The Spirit Axle has a picture of a ram's head on it. It is based on Aries, the horoscope and zodiac sign.

Spirit Shield: Aries

It has 2 large horns that do a lot of damage. It is Red and White in color.

Energy Core: Bone

The Bone Energy Core has multiple small bumps all over the Energy Core, along with some bumps connecting each of the small bumps. It is grey in color.

Attack Gear: Slammer

The Slammer Attack Gear has two large horns resembling a ram's head, and in all 4 corners, it has a sphere-like shape. It is Red and White in color


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Marche and Bone slammer aries


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