Brave Impact is the first and only special move used by Yuki Mizusawa and his Mercury Anubius 85XF.


The beast inside the Mercury Anubius, hurls itself into the opposing bey, inflicting huge amounts of damage.

Beyblade: Metal Fury

Yuki first used this move in Awaken Anubius! when he protected himself from L-Drago Destructor F:S and Ryuga.

In this battle, this move was used to equal L-Drago's and Ryuga's power (who was not using his legendary power at the time) and to protect Yuki.

Yuki then uses Brave Impact again in The Missing Star of the Four Seasons (Part 1) against Diablo Nemesis X:D along side the other Legandary Bladers after Aguma's command.


  • In the English anime, Yuki doesn't use Brave Impact against Ryuga; he only uses it against Rago when all the Legendary Bladers used their Special Moves after creating the formation in an attempt to defeat Nemesis.
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