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Brave Satomb S6 Triple Charge Metal-SPM is an Attack Type Beyblade released by Hasbro as part of the Burst System as well as the SpeedStorm System. It was released in western countries as a part of the Slayer Showdown Battle Set for CAD$109.99 in Canada and USD$84.99 in the United States.

Storm Chip - Satomb S6

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Hasbro's Satomb S6 is a right-spin Storm Chip that features two symmetrical heads that depict the Storm Chip's namesake, the Biblical fallen angel Satan. Satomb S6 has a standard weight for Hasbro Storm Chips, but has average Burst Resistance. Thus Satomb S6 is outclassed by other right-spin Storm Chips such as Dragon D6.

Ring - Brave

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Hasbro's Brave is a Right-Spin Attack Type Ring with three upward slanted wings, characteristic of the Valtryek line. These wings act as the Ring's main contact points and end in somewhat sharp ends. Unlike its Takara Tomy counterpart, Brave does not feature rubber, instead consisting of a single plastic piece. As such, Brave lacks the Bound Attack capabilities of Takara Tomy's Brave.

The wings of Brave are noticeably shorter and not as steep as their Takara Tomy counterparts. Like other Hasbro Rings, the underside of Brave is considerably more hollow as well, leading to a light weight comparable to SwitchStrike System Energy Layers. The removal of the rubber as well as the modified shapes of the wings leads to a significant reduction in Attack power. Brave is consequently outclassed by other Attack Type Layers for Attack Combinations. Even among Hasbro Energy Layers, Brave is outclassed by the likes of Nightmare Lúinor L3 and Turbo Valtryek V3, which are heavier and have more effective shapes.

Forge Disc - Triple

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Triple is a three-sided Forge Disc, which is circular, with a triangle stacked atop it creating knob protrusions. It has use in Attack, especially on three-sided Layers like Valkyrie since it focuses some weight around those three main protrusions, but it is not as useful as a Forge Disc like Gravity, as it is too light to be really effective in Attack, and too imbalanced to use in other Combinations.

Performance Tip - Charge Metal-SPM

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Charge Metal-SPM is a rather large and bulky tip, with most of the contact surface with the stadium being made of metal. As a result, it is currently the heaviest Performance Tip. However, outside of weight, this Performance Tip does not offer much. This Performance Tip's height, as well as it's large weight compared to most Hasbro Layers, makes it highly unstable, and negates any stamina potential the Zephyr style tip would offer. It is taller and has a wider tip than its Takara Tomy counterpart, Charge Metal, which was already outclassed, and these properties make Charge Metal-SPM even more unstable, and therefore, even less viable than its counterpart.