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Britischen Vertretung der BBA

This building appears for the first time in the 31st episode "London Calling" By Beyblade . The office is the British agency of the BBA and is located in London. The BBA has offices all over the world and this is one of many. Their duties include traveling Beybladern to help. The Beyblader have their own message to say so. In addition, employees from the offices can quickly get in touch with Mr. Dickenson and know about the latest Bey news.

The Bladebreakers missed their ship because, according to a passenger (Mr. Dickenson in disguise) the ship had six hours stay. But the ship had already left long ago. So they were tricked. Together, the Blade Breakers made their way to the office in London. There they hope to get in touch with Mr. Dickenson. But when they arrived at the office, they got the bad news that Mr. Dickenson was out of reach. In the office of the BBA hangs a photo of Robert, the regional champion.