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Bruce (ブルース Burūsu) is a minor character from the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: 2000.

Personality & Characteristics[]

Bruce is a beyblader known to beybattle on the streets of Hong Kong, and was always on the look-out for new opponents. He likely spent a lot of time there, as he had an eye for newcomers, which often peaked his interest.

He had ambitions of joining the White Tigers, due to his friendship with Kevin, although it was unlikely that he would have ever been a member due to his lack of confidence around the team, and also because he lacked a Bit-Beast, giving him a skill disadvantage. He was very frightened by Gary, despite his gentle nature, and was easily pushed around by Mariah, too.


He was ordered around by Kevin to follow and ambush the Bladebreakers, especially Ray, and after losing to Tyson Granger, Kevin threw him out of the White Tigers, despite the fact that he felt he'd just been starting to fit in. He was last seen telling the other members of the White Tigers where Kevin is.




Bruce uses a custom Launcher that resembles a Nunchaku. Bruce builds momentum by swinging the nunchaku around before finally flicking it forwards, sending the Beyblade down the Ripcord, and off of the Launcher.



Bruce's beyblade was a bright blue custom top of unknown configuration. It was never named, and its specs were never released by Hasbro.


Beyblade: 2000
Opponent Episode Result
Tyson Granger Episode 08 Lose



  • Bruce seems to be a reference to the actor and martial artist Bruce Lee, who was famed for the use of Nunchaku. He also somewhat resembles him in terms of appearance.
  • Bruce claims that he had been given a nickname by the White Tigers, however nobody ever refers to him by it. The possibility remains that "Bruce" itself is a nickname, referring to his resemblance to Bruce Lee; if so, his real name is never actually revealed.
  • Bruce's launcher is a more stand-out design than that of the rest of the White Tigers, who also use basic launchers.
  • Bruce is the first Beyblader seen in the series to use a custom launcher. He is also the first person to use a weapon-based launcher (something that later the Majestics, the Demolition Boys, and the BEGA Bladers would stand out for).