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|type = Defense
|type = Defense
|firstappeared = N/A
|firstappeared = N/A
|firstappearedmanga = N/A|number = }}'''Burn Unicorno SW145JB''' is a bey found in [[Random Booster Vol.5 Grand Ketos]].
|firstappearedmanga = N/A|number = }}'''Burn Striker SW145JB''' is a bey found in [[Random Booster Vol.5 Grand Ketos]].

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Burn Unicorno SW145JB
Burn Striker SW145JB
Also known as: Burn Unicorno SW145JB
Basic Information
Face Bolt: Unicorno/Striker
Energy Ring: Unicorno/Striker
Fusion Wheel: Burn
Spin Track: SW145
Performance Tip: JB
Type: Defense
First appearance: (Anime) N/A
First appearance: (Manga) N/A

Burn Striker SW145JB is a bey found in Random Booster Vol.5 Grand Ketos.

Face Bolt: Striker

Facebolt STRIKER BB71 31945

Striker face bolt

The Face Bolt depicts "Monoceros", one of the 88 constellations in space. Monoceros is Greek for "unicorn" in which the Beyblade is based on.

Energy Ring: Striker

Clearwheel unicorno

Striker has three spikes around it which feature a silver horn, these horns represents the horns of a Unicorn. Three smaller spikes appear between each other spike going into a rightward motion. If you rotate it 180 degrees it will look like a mode change.

Fusion Wheel: Burn

BurnPhoenix MetalWheel

Burn Wheel

Burn has ridges around it along with a fire-like design in the inner part of the Wheel. One of the best Wheels in terms of Stamina. There is a mold variation between Hasbro and Takara Tomy. Takara Tomy has engraved the words "BURN WHEEL" on one side of the Wheel. Whilst, the Hasbro variant, does not. Hasbro leaves a blank bit on the wheel. Testing has proved that the Takara Tomy mold is much better in terms of Stamina. Burn slightly resembles Vulcan, which is fitting because vulcan has to do with volcanoes. Volcanoes are hot, like fire. Fire burns, hence the name Burn.

Performance Track: Switch 145 (SW145)

  • ​4.2 grams
Track sw145 img

SW145 Track

​Switch 145 has three wings which can be removed and "switched" to have either defensive or offensive properties. It is switched by removing the Performance Tip and pulling the wings down. Attack is the side with triangle shaped stickers while Defense is the other side. In Attack mode, the track's sharp points point outwards, increasing the beyblade's attack. In Defense Mode, the curved points face outwards, repelling attacks. You can also remove the wings and turn this Track into a normal 145 Track though the design is different. It is somewhat of an easier way of Variable 145's variant of changing the Spin Track type.


This is the first beyblade to use the SW145JB combo, the second was Hasbro's Hyper Orso SW145JB.

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