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Burning Firestrike Stadium

The Burning Firestrike Stadium is a Beyblade Stadium by Hasbro. It was released January 2011 in the U.S., the UK and Germany.


The Burning Firestrike is a basic stadium, almost exactly the same as the Thunder Whip Stadium, however, this Stadium has 3 thin grooves in the center, that are supposedly good for stamina. Contrary to their original intention, this is bad for ALL beys. The grooves drain spin power from Stamina Types, stop offensive patterns from Attack Types, and weaken Defensive Types. Sometimes it can be good for an Attack Type depending on the Performance Tip (CS is good but it still loses stamina). There is no logo due to the grooves. However, outside the grooves are what look like Phoenix's. After time, you could start to see orange appearing on your Bey's Performance Tips. It is a merchandise sold by Hasbro. It's best suited for the MS tip, due to it not being affected as drastically by the 3 grooves. The best way for beys to be effective in this arena is to battle ABOVE the grooves.

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