Burning Tornado Fire is the Ultimate Move of Zyro Kurogane and his Samurai Ifrit W145CF along with the spirits of Ninja Salamander SW145SD, Guardian Leviathan 160SB, Pirate Orochi 145D, and Thief Phoenix E230GCF.


First, Samurai Ifrit launches itself into the stratosphere and begins to plummet downward with a minuscule, red orb with a small red X that glows in front of Ifrit as Zyro begins to glow a flashing red aura.

Then, Ifrit's velocity drastically increases and the red flash turns into an inferno of cerulean aura. Next, Salamander, Leviathan, Orochi, and Phoenix's beasts emerge and then turn into orbs colored their respective auras and merge with Ifrit.

For the decisive blow, Zyro finishes things off by having Ifrit impale the enemy beast with a fiery sword and crash into the earth below, resulting in a massive explosion of flames and scarlet light.

Beyblade: Shogun Steel

Zyro used this when he battled Kira again in a Synchrome battle.

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