The Burst Cutter (Japanese: 轟転刃断(バーストカッター)) is a Special Move used by Daichi Sumeragi's Strata Dragoon V.


In The Manga

In The Anime

The anime depicts the Burst Cutter as an rolling attack which involves Strata Dragoon G rolling on its side on an enlarged, energy circular blade. When the move activates, the Bit-Beast Strata Dragoon manifests briefly before transforming into a giant saw blade around the the Beyblade's Saucer Ring. When it strikes, the move can easily cleave solid constructs.


In The Manga

In The Anime

In the match against Tala, Daichi used the Great Cutter to destroy the Leaning Tower of Pisa Stadium.


Though the Katakana "バーストカッター" provides the syllabary for the reading of the Special Move Kanji in the manga, using the proper Hiragana gives the name an altered transliteration:

Kanji 轟転
Hiragana ごうてん だん
Transliteration Gōten Ha Dan
Literal translation rumbling blade edge




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