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This article is about the Takara Tomy release. For the Hasbro release, see Bushin Ashindra A5 Hurricane Keep-H.
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Bushin Ashura Hurricane Keep Ten (ブシンアシュラ・ハリケーン・キープ・天, Bushin Ashura Harikēn Kīpu Ten) is a Defense Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Gatinko Layer System. It was released as a Booster in Japan on March 16th, 2019 for 1296円.

Gatinko Chip - Ashura

Main article: Gatinko Chip - Ashura
The motif is of a demon god with three faces, Ashura. A right-spin Gatinko Chip with seven fine locks.
— Official Description

In-depth information for Takara Tomy's Ashura Gatinko Chip will be placed here once drafting has been completed for it. Please be patient.

Layer Weight - Ten

Main article: Layer Weight - Ten
A Weight built into a Layer. A Weight that concentrates its weight on its 4 points to the limit and prevents the axis from shaking.
— Official Description

Ten has four hexagons, two on each side, with a sizable gap between the two on each side. Ten has little use, given that even less commonly used Layer Weights such as Sen, Zan, and Retsu outclass Ten due to its shape and Weight Distribution. Ten does not offer any particular advantage over other, more commonly used Layer Weights.

Layer Base - Bushin

Main article: Layer Base - Bushin (Takara Tomy)
A Defense Type Base that has 12 consecutive blades with 6 swords and receives the opponent's attacks in a distributed manner.
— Official Description

Bushin is a Defense Type Layer Base that features six downward-sloping blades similar to Rock. However, the gaps between the blades are much smaller than Rock, reducing recoil and making it a more viable option than Rock for Defense combinations. Like other Defense Bases, Bushin exposes less of a Gatinko Chip's teeth, reducing the Chip's burst resistance. The low-recoil design, however, mitigates the effect.

Due to Bushin exposing less of a Chip's teeth, Bushin combinations are more burst-prone than other combinations using a different Base. The use of Gatinko Chips with strong teeth, however, such as Dragon or Valkyrie solve this issue.

Forge Disc - Hurricane

Main article: Forge Disc - Hurricane (Takara Tomy)
A Defense Type Disc with a free-rotating blade with sixteen points that can parry any attack without any damage to the main body.
— Official Description

Takara Tomy's Hurricane Forge Disc consists of a metal core and a plastic piece in the shape of a saw blade. The plastic piece has 16 protrusions in total, and is intended to free spin to deflect attacks when Hurricane makes contact with an opponent's Beyblade. In practice, such contact is rare, and thus the plastic piece only serves to scrape the stadium floor, reducing Stamina. Furthermore, Hurricane is one of the lightest among its contemporaries released in the Gatinko Layer System, having overall inferior Defense and Stamina compared to options such as Ratchet and Sting. These factors, combined with its inward weight distribution, make it impractical to use Hurricane over any other Forge Discs released in the Gatinko Layer System.

Performance Tip - Keep

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In-depth information for the Keep Performance Tip will be placed here once drafting has been completed for it. Please be patient.



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  • Bushin Ashura's name is based from "bushin", a Japanese term meaning "god of military arts", and "asura", a class of divine, multi-arm deities related to the more benevolent Devas in Hinduism.
    • This is enforced by Bushin Ashura's avatar, a green armored deity with six arms and wielding six blades.
  • Bushin Ashura is the only Gatinko System Beyblade to have two different Gold Turbo variants, one in a special campaign and one in Random Booster Vol. 19.