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Buster Xcalibur Zenith Absorb (バスターエクスカリバー・ゼニス・アブソーブ, Basutā Ekusukaribā Zenisu Abusōbu) is a Stamina Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Cho-Z Layer System. It was released in Japan on April 27th, 2019 for 1080円 as one of eight possible Beyblades in Random Booster Vol. 15.

Energy Layer - Buster Xcalibur

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The motif is of the holy sword, Xcalibur. An Attack Type Cho-Z Layer with a Normal Mode, in which the metal sword is fixed, and a Buster Mode, in which the metal sword can move freely and a powerful eccentric center attack is possible.
— Official Description

Takara Tomy's Buster Xcalibur, like its predecessors, is an Attack Type Energy Layer based on the legendary sword Excalibur that features a large sword running down the length of the layer, the end of which protrudes from the bottom which acts as the primary point of contact. Unlike previous Xcalibur Layers such as Sieg Xcalibur and Xeno Xcalibur, Buster Xcalibur's contact point is very pronounced which creates high Knock-Out and Burst Attack potential, but also creates high recoil. As part of the Cho-Z Layer System, Buster Xcalibur features metal in its design. in this case, the sword is made of metal, akin to its predecessor Sieg Xcalibur. However the tip of the sword is covered in plastic, to reduce the possibility of breaking the opponent's Layer. Buster Xcalibur also features a gimmick, the sword can extend further from the rest of the Layer to create a "Buster Mode".

The inclusion of metal increases the weight of the Layer, granting higher inertia that increases both Knock-Out and Burst Attack as well as increasing the Layer's Burst Resistance as the high inertia resists teeth skipping, a property that compliments its tall teeth. However the asymmetrical design of the metal sword means that this Layer is incredibly unbalanced, a trait that drains the Stamina of Combinations and can break a Combination's banking pattern. Furthermore, the shape of the Layer makes it a very poor choice for Opposite-Spin matchups. Finally, Buster Xcalibur is so unbalanced that it cannot be used with unbalanced Discs such as 1, else it will lose Stamina too quickly to be effective in battle.

Due to the nature of the gimmick, the recoil of Buster Xcalibur can be adjusted by either retracting or extending the sword. However, the locking mechanism for the gimmick is weak, meaning that Buster Xcalibur is prone to switching to "Buster Mode" midway through the battle even if it was set to "Normal Mode". Like other Cho-Z Layers and previous Xcalibur Layers, Buster Xcalibur is unbalanced which increases Burst risk and drains Stamina. Due to how unbalanced Buster Xcalibur is, these issues cannot be solved with the use of a Level Chip that fits underneath the Layer.

Forge Disc - Zenith

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Takara Tomy's Zenith, like Magnum, Jerk and Polish, is a Forge Disc made up of a metal core and plastic perimeter making up the gimmick of the Disc. Unlike the aforementioned Discs however, Zenith uses a different metal core with three blades in the shape of "Z"s.

For Zenith's gimmick, the plastic houses rubber sections, meant to increase recoil and increase Attack potential during Disc-to-Layer contact. However, due to most Burst Performance Tips being of similar heights, such contact is rare. Furthermore, if such contact does occur, the rubber is liable to act as brakes, slowing the Zenith Combination down. Additionally, because the rubber extends to the underside of the Disc, which when combined with Zenith's rough perimeter, any Life-After-Death potential is nullified.

Despite the non-functioning gimmick, Zenith's metal core is significantly heavier than that of Magnum, Jerk and Polish, with weight comparable to commonly used Core Discs with Frames. Furthermore, the triangular design of the metal synergizes with the Valkyrie series of Layers, significantly increasing their Attack potential without negatively affecting balance.

Performance Tip - Absorb

Main article: Performance Tip - Absorb

Absorb features a spring-loaded sharp tip of a small diameter surrounded by a free-spinning ring, akin to a combination of Revolve and Nothing. The sharp tip of Absorb provides low friction with the stadium floor, resulting in high Stamina and Burst Defense properties. The wide diameter of the ring gives Absorb high Precession time and Spin-Equalization potential in Opposite-Spin match-ups. Compared to similar Performance Tips, Absorb's Precession time is equal to Revolve's but lower than Eternal's.

The spring-loaded tip has two purposes, the first is to prevent harsh impacts against the stadium floor from launch, preventing accidental Self-Knock-Outs from bouncing. The second is that when the tip is fully depressed, the center sharp tip is retracted and the ring is locked in place, creating a hollow flat tip with aggressive movement akin to Zephyr. However, without a mechanism to keep the spring compressed, this aggressive movement only happens briefly upon first landing.



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