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There's only one place, it's first place and no one cares how you get there!

—Busujima's Philosophy on Victory

Busujima (毒島, Busujima) is a minor recurring character in the Metal Saga, making his debut as a minor antagonist in Beyblade: Metal Fusion.

He is the leader of a local gang who steal the opponent's points and crushes their opponents' Bey like the Face Hunters. He is mean and ruthless when Beyblading with his Rock Scorpio T125JB.

Physical Appearance

Busujima is a medium skinned, thin man with a very slim build, and he is usually seen with an evil smile on his face. Busujima has dark blue hair with yellow spikes designed like a scorpion's shell and a pony tail resembling the scorpion's stinger. He wears a brick red jumpsuit, over which he wears a short purple jacket that is kept open. The jacket has large green pockets and torn sleeves.  On his shoulders are large spiked rings. He has matching spiked bracelets on his wrists and brown, fingerless gloves on his hands. Around his waist, there is a grey belt with a yellow crescent on the buckle. His launcher and Bey holster are attached to this belt. On the side of the legs of his jumpsuit are three grey protrusions, and at his knees he has purple knee guards with grey edges. He has brown boots with metal covering the sole, toe and heel.


Originally as a gang leader Busujima had an evil personality. He was always thinking of destroying the opponent and proving his dominance over beyblade. Although he has his strong Rock Scorpio, he is not able to win most of his battles, and when he does he has to win, showing his obsession with victory.

Beyblade: Metal Fusion

Busujima and his gang headed into a small town before the start of the Battle Bladers tournament to pick up a new home base, seizing an old stadium from a bunch of kids after crushing their beyblades and kicking them out. Not long afterwards another beyblader named Sora Akatsuki confronts Busujima in order to try and take the stadium back. He is stronger than the others but not enough to defeat Busujima who embarrasses him and abuses his beyblade.

When Sora demands a rematch, Busujima accepts after hoping to take his bey but is stopped by a group of children who drag Sora out. Busujima seems to recognize Kenta Yumiya in that moment and realizes the amount of Beypoints he has due to having seen him on tv being interviewd by Blader DJ. He then sends out his men to kidnap one of the children (Kazuki's sister, Yui) and brutally destroys Kazuki's bey after beating him in battle. Then, he demands the ransom of Kenta's points for her return and if they try to battle, their beys will be destroyed.

Sora vs Busujima

Busujima takes on the underdog, Sora

In time Sora arrives for a rematch, disappointing Busujima who was hoping for Kenta to show up. Busujima decides to battle Sora on a rigged stadium made just for his Scorpio. But Busujima's mouth gets him into trouble as Sora is enraged by his taunts, becoming much more of a challenge than expected.

The stadium is set ablaze by Busujima and he tries to capitalize his victory until Gingka Hagane arrives to stop the flames by using Storm Bringer and give Sora a fighting chance. With all his plans falling apart, Busujima explains that he still has the girl, but is foiled when Kazuki and Kenta arrive after rescuing her. Without an ace in the hole, Busujime is defeated by Sora fair and square. This helped Sora perfect his special move.

Sadly, he didn't make it in Battle Bladers. But he is seen celebrating Gingka's victory over Ryuga alongside his gang.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

Busujima competes to become one of Japan's top twenty best bladers. However, he does not make it past the preliminaries. 

Metal Fury

He makes a cameo in the final battle giving Gingka and Cosmic Pegasus F:D his power to beat Nemesis and Rago. After Nemesis is beaten, he celebrates along with the rest of the world.


Special Moves

  • Poison Drive: Busujima's special move in the anime, where his Beyblade rapidly attacks the enemy while the fusion wheel changes to an attack type.
  • Death Stalker


Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Opponent Episode Result
Unknown Bladers MF037 Win (flashback)
Sora Akatsuki MF037 Win
Kazuki MF037 Win
Sora Akatsuki MF037 Lose
Beyblade: Metal Masters
Opponent Episode Result
Selection Bladers MM004 Win
Japanese Selection match MM004 Lose (15th place)


Beyblade: Metal Fusion

Beyblade: Metal Masters

Beyblade: Metal Fury



  • Busujima means Poison (Busu/Doku) and Island (Jima/Shima). His name compliments his Beyblade which is a poisonous scorpion.
  • Due to his expressions on the Metal Fusion Closing Picture, and in his Metal Masters cameo, it's possible that he gave up his gang and is now good, though his gang is behind him in the Closing Picture(Since his gang didn't come back in metal master); This would be similar to Kyoya's experience.
  • In the manga he is given more significance, as he is an ally to Doji.
  • His gang resembles the Face Hunters.