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Calamity Raven 125ES is a Stamina-type Beyblade that only appears in the Metal Fight Beyblade manga and the Beyblade: Metal Fusion (Nintendo DS) video game. It is owned by Crow and was never released as a real Beyblade.

Face Bolt - Raven[]

Image 2D 0027 0081

The facebolt depicts Corvus or the Raven constellation, one of the 88 constellations. It shows a raven with "Raven" written next to it.

Energy Ring - Raven[]

The Raven energy ring is a deep navy with some black in it with two pink feathers on it, too. On it are 1 long spike on each side. These 4 spikes represent Raven's "beaks". It is only used in one other bey.

Fusion Wheel - Calamity[]

The Fusion Wheel is circular with two large, pointed feathers and two small ones.

Spin Track - 125[]

  • Weight: 1 Gram

125 Track

The 125 Track is a midway between the 105 and the 145 Tracks. Utilized in mid-height Stamina combos, it is more difficult to destabilize compared to 145 height Stamina combos. It has declined in popularity as the choice mid-height Track due to the release of gimmicked tracks of the same height, such as T125 and D125.

Performance Tip - Eternal Spike[]

  • Weight: 1g

The Eternal Sharp bottom is surprisingly heavy, clocking in a whole gram, but still lacks use. The Sharp family is known for horrid balance issues, and ES is no exception whatsoever. The Bottom, oddly, is able to retract itself inside slightly and is a free spinning Tip, reducing friction, though this makes little difference.

ES is a much better alternative to BS, but the D series bottoms are much more acceptable in a Stamina customization, even just D. The ES performance tip enables the Beyblade to stay spinning at a low angle for a long time with most higher spin tracks.