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Carl is a character appearing in Beyblade Burst Evolution. He is the pet bird of Cuza Ackermann.


Carl is a medium sized cockatoo with white feathers, a yellow crest on his head, and has a black beak and eyes.


Like many real-life parrots, Carl is shown to be very intelligent and has a wide vocabulary of words. He often mimics whatever Cuza says. Carl also has an affinity for shiny objects, shown when he stole Valt's Genesis Valtryek. He is also very obedient, as he once helped Cuza and the gang navigate their way through a jungle in Mexico. Carl also at one point attacked Kurt Baratier and his gang on Cuza's command in order to save Valt and Shu.

Carl's favorite food appears to be breadcrumbs, shown by how he ate an entire trail of them that Daigo Kurogami had left behind.

While generally friendly and docile, Carl can be aggressive if he or his owner are offended in some way, as he once attacked Joshua Burns' director, Terry Trent and stole his sunglasses after he scolded Cuza for bringing the parrot on set.



  • "Cuza's the coolest!"
  • "I'm the cutest. I'm the cutest!"
  • "Shiny!"
  • "Super cool!"
  • "We're all doomed! *squawk* Doomed!"
  • *squawk* "Party!"
  • "Tricks! Useful tricks!"
  • "Don't look down!"
  • "Lighten up."
  • *squawk* "Cut!" *squawk* "CUT!" - Carl attacking Terry Trent


  • Based on his physical appearance, Carl may be a yellow-crested cockatoo.
  • Carl is the first pet introduced in the Burst series.
  • In the English dub, Carl is voiced by Valin Shinyei, who also voices his owner Cuza.
  • It is currently unknown how Cuza and Carl met, but it's possible that Cuza either rescued him as a chick, or adopted him from somewhere.