Carlos (original version: Hiruta) is a street Beyblader who is a member of the Blade Sharks.



His first appearance was when Tyson saw that he had stolen Andrew's Beyblade because the latter had been defeated. That infuriated Tyson. Nevertheless, Hiruta had a big bag full of stolen blades. Tyson challenged the other blader, yet Kenny intervened and Carlos tells the future world champion to meet him the next day by the river. The stake of the Beybattle is that if Tyson wins, Carlos will have to give back all the beyblades he stole. However, if Carlos defeats Tyson, he will get to keep Tyson's Dragoon. Unfortunately, he is beaten by Tyson's new tactic (running forward and jumping into the air to gain more speed) and runs away with the bag despite Tyson calling him. Carlos stops, paralized, as he sees Kai, the captain of the Blade Sharks, standing on top of the hill and looking down at him. He jumps down, says Carlos is weak and slaps him, making him drop to the ground. Afterwards, Tyson recovers all the stolen Beyblades.

Later, Carlos participates in the Japanese tournament and uses an illegal Beyblade which has razorsharp blades on its sides. He loses to Tyson anyway. And, as usual, at the end of the battle Tyson's opponent is changed.

G Revolution

At the end of Beyblade: G-Revolution, Carlos appears in a screenshot which shows him beybattling against Rick.
Rick Hiruta

Carlos battling Rick


In the manga, Carlos is really opposed to Kai even though they are still teammates. Kai humiliated him by crashing his Beyblade. Carlos also uses a weird launcher. It is in fact three launchers combined in one, allowing the Blader to launch three Beyblades at the same time. This shooter requires the person to hold three ripcords at the same time.

Daichi meets Carlos while searching for a worthy opponent. After their battle, the latter believes that Daichi has enough skills to fight Tyson.


Beyblade 2000
Opponent Outcome
Andrew Win
Tyson Lose
The Blade Sharks Lose
Battle Royale Lose


Carlos's Beyblade


  • "Makoto" means "true" in Japanese. "Carlos" is the Spanish form of the name "Charles", meaning "free man".
  • In the picture above where the bag of blades are dumped, you could see a Bump King without the Bit-Beast.

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