Chain Storm (Japanese: 疾風鎖縛(チェーンストーム)) is a Special Move used by Zeo Zagart and Leon Zagart with their Burning Cerberus Beyblade. This move has been featured in the "Beyblade: V-Force" anime series as well as the "Beyblade" manga series and other media.


In the anime, the "Chain Storm" is depicted as a full-speed charge with the Beyblade wrapped in a maelstrom of summoned chains. A more detailed description depicts the Blader, Zeo, summoning the Bit-Beast Cerberus amidst a powerful storm that engulfs the stadium. Amassing energy from his cybernetic systems, Zeo transmits this energy to his Beyblade from his left hand. This summons numerous spectral chains that orbit and swarm his Beyblade, Burning Cerberus, before igniting into eerie, purple flames. The Bit-Beast Cerberus also erupts into flames (being orange in color) as both Beyblade and Bit-Beast collide with the opposition with enough force to score an immediate Ring-Out Finish and/or Survivor Finish.


This move was first used against Ozuma's Flash Leopard.


While the caption in the manga panel reads the major kanji with the Ruby "チェーンストーム", when transliterated properly the name of the attack can be translated as follows:

Kanji 疾風 鎖縛
Hiragana しっぷう さばく
Rōmaji Shippū Sabaku
Literal translation a gale fasten or secure with a chain;
confine with a chain
Translation Gale Chain



  • In the final battle against Tyson's Dragoon V2, Chain Storm was not used.


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