Chain Thunder (Japanese: 迅雷鎖縛(チェーンサンダー)) is a Special Move used by Leon Zagart and his Burning Cerberus Beyblade. This move was featured exclusively in the "Beyblade" manga series and other media.


General depiction presents the "Chain Thunder" move as a fierce rush attack with electrically charged, spectral chains emanating from the Beyblade. In a more detailed description, the Chain Thunder skill appears to channel the power of the one of Cerberus heads on the Triple Attacker.

When referencing art panels, this move appears to strike the enemy Bey with repeated Smash Attacks while chain-shaped electricity materialize from one of the dog heads on the Triple Attacker.


This Special Move first debuted in chapter 29 of the Beyblade manga during Zeo's match against Kai. In an attempt to capture the Bit-Beast Dranzer, Zeo ambushes Kai outside the arena of the G・B・C World Championships and, in the ensuing battle, utilizes the skill against Kai's Dranzer V2. The skill was later used in Zeo's second match against Tyson, during which he unveils the full range of combat prowess.

This skill appeared a total of two (2) times since its introduction, all within it's debut chapter. Dialogue and reaction from the Bladers describe the Chain Thunder as incredibly fierce, with no character developing a method to counter it. Art panels illustrate the skill in dynamic action, using huge shock waves to accentuate the power of each strike.


While the caption in the manga panel reads the major kanji with the Ruby "チェーンサンダー", when transliterated properly the name of the attack can be translated as follows:

Kanji 迅雷 鎖縛
Hiragana じんらい さばく
Rōmaji Jinrai Sabaku
Literal translation thunderbolt; thunderclap; lightning fasten or secure with a chain;
confine with a chain
Translation Lightning Chain



  • Evidence suggest that the type of Attack in relation to the Cerberus heads on the Triple Attack AR, that the Chain Thunder draws power from the blue Cerberus head. This is supported by the fact that the blue head specializes in "Smash Attacks".


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