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This article is about the Takara Tomy release. For the Hasbro release, see Caynox Oval Gyro.

Chaos Oval Gyro (カオス・オーバル・ジャイロ, Kaosu Ōbaru Jairo) is a Stamina Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System. It was released in Japan on August 6th, 2016 for 2700円 as part of the Triple Booster Set.

Energy Layer - Chaos

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Takara Tomy's Chaos forms a nearly perfect circle, with two "wings" separated by two gaps. Each wing has two larger indentations and one smaller one, and the gaps between the wings each have a head-like design representing its legendary warrior. Its transparent casing is tinted black, and it has white-colored plastic underneath, concentrated around the Energy Layer's perimeter.

Although its circular shape is almost ideal, the gaps and notches on this Energy Layer's exterior do cause some recoil and provide leverage for opposing Beyblades. However, its biggest flaw is the teeth on its underside's center: they are all much shorter than the ring in the middle, which greatly reduces the resistance to rotation between the Performance Tip and the Energy Layer. This results in extremely easy teeth skipping and, ultimately, losses by Burst. It is such a problem that, even though it is great in Stamina when it does escape without Bursting in battle, it represents such an immense risk that it is generally not recommended for top-tier Combinations. However, the Stamina Combination Chaos Heavy Defense can be used by daring Bladers as a good alternative.

There are three mold variations of Chaos: the first mold has four teeth of equal size, and no symbol in the center of the layer. The second mold, introduced with Asian releases of Chaos, has a taller third tooth, increasing the Burst Resistance of the Layer. In addition, it features a "C" in the center of the Layer, akin to Dual Layers. The third mold, introduced with the Soul Gold Ver., retains the second mold's additions, as well as additional reinforcing plastic posts inside the wings, increasing the Layer's weight by half a gram.

Forge Disc - Oval

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Oval, like the name implies, is shaped like an oval. Os appear on the upper side of the Forge Disc as well for easy recognition. In theory, Oval would provide extra momentum to the Beyblade's spin by spreading the weight at two opposite sides. However, its underside is mostly hollowed out, making it the second lightest Forge Disc released, the first being 12. Its odd shape only ends up hindering the Beyblade's Stability, making the Combination using it precess dangerously the moment another Beyblade hits it. Even for Niche Combinations such as Hop Attackers using Quake, Oval only poses a risk of Destabilization, and it cannot make up for it by any significant aid in Attack.

Performance Tip - Gyro

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Gyro features a small free-spinning, low angled cone tip, akin to a combination of Survive and Metal Fight Beyblade's Eternal Sharp. It is the height of a standard Performance Tip. In prime condition, Gyro causes the Beyblade to have a calm movement pattern while the low angle of the tip resists Destabilization and subsequent scrape risks. The free-spinning nature of Gyro allows it to outclass its predecessor Survive in Stamina potential.



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  • Chaos, along with Trident Heavy Claw, are the only Single Layer System Beyblades to not get Dual Layer System evolutions, but they both get God Layer System evolutions.