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Chi-yun Li (李赤雲, Li Chi-yun) is a character appearing in the Metal Fight Beyblade manga series' Big Bang Bladers Arc.

He is the second member of China's Team Wang Hu Zhong in Big Bang Bladers alongside Da Xiang Wang. He is a ferociously loyal blader who loves to battle with his Thermal Lacerta WA130HF.

Physical Appearance

Chi-yun is a small built young boy with short limbs and long hair tied into a braid. He has a large grin and wide eyes that matchup to his large hat with a center ball. He wears a robe with a lizard symbol in the center over his martial pants that tuck into his boots.


Chi-yun is a fierce and loyal blader who battles to uphold the honor of China. He is a strong hearted person who hopes to fill the burning fire for battle in his heart. Thanks to Ginga he is able to take defeat lightly and keep moving forward past it.


Big Bang Bladers


Thermal Lacerta WA130HF: Chi-yun's Beyblade. A powerful Balance-type Beyblade with great speed and attack power that rivals that of Striker. Its WA130 Track's blades are like a dagger and can shape waves of wind into cutting air that can slash it's opponent to pieces.


Big Bang Bladers
Opponent Chapter Result
Masamune 50 Loss



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