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Chucky (イブラヒル Iburahiru) is a minor character from the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: 2000. He is the leader of the Blade Hunters.


Chucky and his teammates Zippy and Lippy met the Bladebreakers in the Asian Tournament's Semi-finals. Chucky met Max Tate in the first round, using a Beyblade made out of scrap parts. He lost the round but when the Blade Hunters were leaving, Chucky appreciated Max's compliment for doing well in their battle, and pointed out that the better team won in the end. As a sign of friendship, Max offered them his old Beyblade. Chucky thanked him, took the blade and told Max that the Blade Hunters will never forget the Bladebreakers. The Blade Hunters were seen again watching the final battle between Tyson and Tala.


Scrap Beyblade[]

  • Special Move(s): Big Kahuna Dive Attack

Chucky uses a grey Beyblade made out of scrap. Most of the parts are from a Beyblade the Blade Hunters found on the beach however, one of the blades on the Attack Ring have been replaced with a piece of wood and the Blade Tip has been replaced with a screw.


  • Chucky is the only member of the Blade Hunters who's signature attack isn't Blade Attack. Instead, it is Big Kahuna Dive Attack.
  • Since Kai and Tyson defeated his teammates so quickly, Chucky's the only Blade Hunter who got to face off with one of the Bladebreakers' bit-beasts. In this case, it was Max's Draciel.