Claude (クロード Claude) is a character in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: G-Revolution. He is a member of the Barthez Battalion.



Like every member of The Barthez Battalion, Claude does not really agree to cheating to win. In fact, he was never really asked to cheat; rather, Barthez told him to stay still while a stadium debris shot towards him so he would get injured by Rick. Although Claude lost, Barthez's goal was to make the audience hate Rick for hurting the other blader. However, this wound on his arm made Claude unable to win his next match, some days later, against Ray. Claude was supposed to fight Kai, yet he insisted Miguel battled to prove what he had told them earlier, that he was rebelling against Barthez for beybattles without dirty tricks.

Claude is probably the one who obeys Barthez the most, while Aaron and Mathilda obey out of complete fear for the older man, Claude either hides his fright well or just listens to his every command.


Beyblade: G-Revolution

He is probably the one who cheated to defeat Johnny McGregor to make the Barthez Battalion represent Europe in the world championship.

In the World Championship, Claude was injured in a battle with Rick and was unable to participate in most of the tournament. When he was injured by flying debris in the Needle Valley Stadium, Barthez told him not to move & get hit by it so the fans would stay on Barthez's side. Due to this injury, he was unable to defeat Ray. After this incident Claude became a very minor character in the anime and barely said a word.


Rapid Eagle appeared for the first time in the third season Beyblade G Revolution in the 11th episode "The Blame Game" and is the Beyblade of Claude. Rapid Eagle is a two-headed eagle and played his first fight against Rick . When he was in the lead, he was injured at the top of the stage and had to give up his fight.


Beyblade: G-Revolution
Opponent Episode Result
Johnny McGregor (Presumed) Before or During G-Revolution Episode 06 Win
Rick Anderson G-Revolution Episode 11 Loss (On Purpose)
Ray Kon G-Revolution Episode 12 Loss



  • The name is Latin for 'lame'. Otherwise, and 'Dugarry' are French.
  • Claude's nickname is "Lucha nore". In Spanish, 'lucha' means 'fight'.
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