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Claw Mane Bull is a Power-Type BeyWheel that can be obtained in the Raging Skies Slash 2-Pack.

Spirit Axle: Bull[]

Spirit Shield: Bull[]

The Bull Spirit Shield is a generic shield that can be used to deliver minor attacks, and counter the weight of lopsided Attack Gears like Molten.

Energy Core: Claw[]

The Claw Energy Core is one of the most versatile cores,that can not only be used for decent power, but also as an anchor for lopsided Attack Gears (since the core's bumps stabilize), and for speed. When the core jumps because of the bumps, every time it falls, the bumps dig into the ground, and providing traction. Recommended for customizations.

Attack Gear: Mane[]

The Mane Attack Gear is a wide gear that blocks most attacks. With an almost symmetric (to it) Spirit Shield like Leone, and a top-class Energy Core like Doom, the core will be utilized to the full extent, as if there is no Attack Gear nor Spirit Shield, but extrodinary weight.