Clay Aries ED145B is a Defense-Type Beyblade released in the Random Booster Light Vol. 3 where it is the "prize" Beyblade. Hasbro released it as Rock Aries ED145B. It is owned by Hyoma

Face Bolt: Aries

Facebolt ARIES BB45 19976

The Face Bolt depicts Aries, the first astrological sign in the zodiac and one of the 88 constellation in space . It depicts a Rams Skull. Upon the Bolt is written in crooked writing, the word Aries. The bolt has a gray back ground and the symbol is pink.

Energy Ring: Aries

  • Weight: 2.7 grams

Aries was originally released as a bright pink Energy Ring with three “heads” which point outwards, hence forming a roughly triangular perimeter on the Spin Track. It was then released in a new color, dark violet. If you turn it 180 degrees it will appear like it will have two modes, but only placed on Fusion Wheels with 3/6 'wings'.

Fusion Wheel: Clay


Clay is the Light Wheel of the Fusion Wheel Rock. Hasbro released this wheel as Rock. It has large indentments, like on the Counter Fusion Wheel,is similar to the Thunder Wheel

Spin Track: ED145 (Eternal Defense 145)

  • Weight: 3.6 grams

ED145 features three “wings” which rotate around the Track freely. The wings are similar to that of WD145. If you take it off and turn upside down you can switch between defense mode and counter mode. Because of their free-spinning nature, they can be used in Defense customizations, such as MF Earth Striker 145WD. However, the defensive capabilities of this part are not as effective as C145, as it does not absorb hits as successfully. The wings which rotate are hindered without the mechanism of a bearing, hence creating a force of friction between the "wings" and the body of the Track, in turn resulting in less significant damage absorption. Furthermore, it is easy for the low attacker’s Wheel to be caught between the Wheel and ED145, hence causing a lot of recoil and spin reduction to the Defense customization. The free-spinning piece may be removed and interchanged with WA130, creating ED130 and WA145, but this is illegal and not allowed in tournaments.


  • MF Earth Striker ED145WD (Defense mode)

Performance Tip: Ball (B)

  • Weight: 0.6 grams

This tip is shaped similar to a ball. It was first released with Clay Aries ED145B. The hemispherical shape provides a large area for it to make contact with the stadium. This tip is a decent defense tip, but it is outclassed by CS, RSF and RS.


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Hyoma and Arıes

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Clay Aries ED145B-1
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