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'''Clay Wolf 105B''' is a beyblade that can be obtained in [[Random Booster Light Vol. 2]].
'''Clay Wolf 105B''' is a beyblade that can be obtained in [[Random Booster Light Vol. 2]].
{{Beyblade Metal Fusion
{{Beyblade: Metal Fusion
|RefName = Clay Wolf 105B
|RefName = Clay Wolf 105B
|image = [[File:ClayWolf105B.jpg|250px]]
|image = [[File:ClayWolf105B.jpg|250px]]

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Clay Wolf 105B is a beyblade that can be obtained in Random Booster Light Vol. 2.

Template:Beyblade: Metal Fusion

Face Bolt: Wolf

Wolf Facebolt

The face on this Beyblade depicts Lupus, the Wolf, one of the 88 constellations in space.

Energy Ring: Wolf

  • Weight: 3.1 grams

Wolf Clear Wheel

The original release of Wolf is a brown, translucent plastic wheel. The edges of the Clear Wheel consists of 4 wolf "heads", one in each quarter of the energy ring, representing the body form of a Wolf. This increases the stamina of the bey. This energy ring is similar to the Pegasus ring in design but outclasses it in stamina, defense, and balance.

Fusion Wheel: Clay


Clay is the Light Wheel version of Rock. It is a very outclassed Fusion Wheel it is very light. It has large indentments. Clay has a simalarity to counter also.

Spin Track: 105


105 Track

105 is the fourth lowest Track. It is able to help the bey sneak underneath Defense types and Stamina Types to attack. Although 85, 90 and 100 have been proven to be better options for most, 105 is still a decent option if the aforementioned Tracks are unavailable. 105 has also shown great value with HF, WD and RF.

Performance Tip: Ball (B)

Dragonballzcentral 2173 8307459065.jpeg

This tip is shaped similar to a ball. It was first released with Clay Aries ED145B. The hemispherical shape provides a large area for it to make contact with the stadium. This tip is a decent defense tip, but it is outclassed by CS, RSF and RS.