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Clay Wolf 145FS is a Balance-type Beyblade only found in Random Booster Light Vol. 1.

Face Bolt: Wolf[]

Facebolt WOLF BB29 19504

Wolf Facebolt

The face on this Beyblade depicts Lupus, the Wolf, one of the 88 constellations in space. The bolt displays a wolf with its mouth wide open and teeth showing.

Energy Ring: Wolf[]

  • Weight: 3.1 grams

Wolf Clear Wheel

The original release of Wolf is a brown, translucent plastic wheel. The edges of the Clear Wheel consists of 4 wolf "heads", one in each quarter of the energy ring, representing the body form of a Wolf. This increases the stamina of the Bey. It also makes the Bey VERY STALE. This energy ring is similar to the Pegasus ring in design but outclasses it in stamina, defense, and balance.

Fusion Wheel: Clay[]

Clay is the Light Wheel equivalent of Rock or Counter. Clay is a good defense wheel because it covers most of the track. this would be a superior wheel and would outclass rock and counter if it just wasn't made of plastic.


Clay Light Wheel

Spin Track: 145[]

145 is the fifth highest Spin Track available, along with the various other 145-variants (C145, DF145, AD145, TR145, ED145, UW145, BD145, WD145, SW145, CH120/145, R145, GB145 etc.). It can be used in Stamina customisations to great effect due to its tall height, which allows for more wobbling as the Beyblade loses its spin velocity, but that being said, DF145 and UW145 has this same effect but also the added bonus of its “Down Force” which while negligible, since itstabilizes the Beyblade it is being used on slightly. 145, being as tall as, makes it easily susceptible to low Attackers. The tracks taller than 145 are the TH170 Spin Track (Beat Lynx), or the 230 Spin Track (Flame Byxis). TH170 outclasses it since its 170 has more defense but does not wobble like 230.


  • MF Pegasis 145RF

Performance Tip: Flat Sharp (FS)[]

  • Weight: 0.6 grams

FS features a flat tip with a smaller, sharp tip in the center. As a result, when launched at a straight angle, the Beyblade spins on this sharp tip, with very little movement. However, when tilted, either from the contact of an opposing Beyblade or from the launch, the Bottom moves in an offensive pattern. However, it suffers from the same problems as other Balance Bottoms, in that the two qualities are compromised, resulting in mediocre performance in both fields. After extensive use the tip , the sharp part becomes rounder and pretty act much like a defense bottom.It is a good tip to be used in stamina and attack combinations.However, it´s a good tip if you are looking for a mix of stamina and attack.