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Clio Delon (クリオ・ドロン, Kurio Doron) is a character featured in the anime and manga series, Beyblade Burst Evolution. He's a member of the French team, AS Gallus. His current Beyblade is Deep Caynox 4Flow Bearing.


Clio Delon has spiky gray hair that angles outwards with a long spike pointed down in between his magenta eyes. Above and below his left eye are a pair of red diamond-shaped marks. He also has triangular teeth like those of Silas, Xander, Lui and Jin; along with two prominent fangs that give him the appearance of a vampire.

Clio wears a black cloak with golden accents and red gems that curves upwards at his neck and looks similar to a vampire's cloak. Underneath it, he wears a white cravat and a double golden buttoned green blazer. His sleeves are cuffed with white ruff and he wears black gloves. Clio also dons black pants with light orange stripes at the bottom tucked into yellow socks and brown loafers.

When he was younger, he retains his current hair style and marks; he wore a white collared shirt with a pair of black suspender shorts. He also wore a black cape tied with a green-laced bow, white socks, and black shoes.


He is quite scary and seems to be a friend of Cuza and also helps him in practice in episode 40. However, he doesn't seem to notice that Cuza is afraid of him due to the fact that one of Clio's past magic tricks scarred Cuza for life.

Despite his spooky appearance, Clio is actually very friendly and supportive and encourages Daigo during his match with Joshua.

Clio is also shown to be great with magic tricks, as he and his entire family are famous magicians (according to Ataru).



Beyblade Burst Evolution


Special Moves

  • Levitation Launch: When Caynox takes a hard hit, it falls on its Bearing Performance Tip preventing it from falling and lifts the opponent into the air with its spring fangs, dealing more damage.


Beyblade Burst Evolution (anime)
Opponent Episode Result
Cuza Ackermann 28 Win (1-0)
Xavier Kappa 28 Win (2-0)
Daigo Kurogami 30 (Flashback) Win (1-0)
Dylan Summers 30 Win (2-0)
Cuza Ackermann 40 Lose (0-2)
Norman Tarver 41 Lose (0-1)


Cuza Ackermann

Clio met Cuza when they were younger. Clio once performed a magic trick that scarred Cuza for life, leaving him in complete fear. Throughout the course of the series, Cuza eventually lightened up and formed a friendship with Clio, who helped him with his battles in the International Blader's Cup.

Daigo Kurogami

Clio and Daigo respect one another and are very supportive of each other in their battles.


  • "My heart doesn't race much, but when it does, it's at the thought of battling you." -after meeting up with Cuza
  • "He made me his puppet. I'm sorry, my friend." -realizing Norman fooled him after watching Cuza and Norman's match.


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  • Clio's blood type is AB.[1]
  • Clio's seiyuu, Kokoa Amano, is the youngest seiyuu to land a voicing role on Beyblade, at just 13 years old.
  • From the TV Tokyo website, Clio is said to be "originally from Romania" and "a direct descendant of Count Dracula."
  • Fitting the vampire theme, Clio is shown to enjoy drinking tomato juice, which resembles blood.
  • Clio is one of twelve Beyblade Burst Evolution characters whose initials are the same as their evolved bey: Deep Caynox, the others being Free De La Hoya, Cuza Ackermann, Daigo Kurogami, Xander Shakadera, Boa Alcazaba, Ghasem Madal, Joshua Burns, Ren Wu Sun, Silas Karlisle, Norman Tarver, and Kurt Baratier.
  • His birthday is on Halloween. Given the fact that his appearance resembles a vampire, which is part of the holiday, this would fit Clio perfectly.
  • Clio's zodiac is a Scorpio.