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Cloud Gemios T125SF is a Balance Type Beyblade released in Random Booster Vol. 9 Fusion Hades.

Face Bolt - Gemios[]

Facebolt GEMIOS BB56 21337
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The Gemios Face Bolt depicts "Gemini", the third astrological sign in the Zodiac and one of the 88 constellations in space. The design features two twin sprits (fire and ice), and resembles a yin-yang symbol. Each spirit has a number (blue with 1, red with 2), and the word "Gemios" is located at the center of the Face Bolt. Hasbro releases omit this word.

Energy Ring - Gemios[]

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Gemios follows the same aesthetic principles as the Gemios Metal Wheel, and Evil, with a similar two-winged design. It is the lightest Energy Ring available, however, it can be used in Stamina combos with a heavier track too.

Fusion Wheel - Cloud[]

Main article: Fusion Wheel - Torch

Torch is a Fusion Wheel based on the Metal System Wheel Aries. Torch is designed to "fit" with the Aries Energy Ring. Like Aries, Torch has three ram heads with six horns. Due to its light weight and large gaps, Torch has high recoil due to its poor contact points. As such, Torch has poor Defense and Stamina, and has no competitive use.

Spin Track - Tornado 125[]

Track t125 img
Main article: Spin Track - Tornado 125

Tornado 125 has four upward-facing wing protrusions spaced apart widely. The Spin Track is designed to work in a similar way to Down Force 145, although the effect it produces is negligible. The performance of Tornado 125 is similar to Defense 125, and in terms of height, it is generally overshadowed by Change Height 120.

Performance Tip - Semi Flat (SF)[]

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Semi-Flat (SF) is a sharp tip with a flattened end. As a result, Semi-Flat displays a combination of Attack and Stamina qualities, moving in a semi-aggressive pattern. Because of this however, the two attributes are compromised, resulting in an average performance in both categories.

Semi-Flat produces a movement pattern that, while aggressive, is much slower than any flat Performance Tip. The increased friction with the stadium floor due to the wider tip both increases its Defense and Stamina in comparison to a bottom similar to Spike (S) or Eternal Spike (ES). However, it is in absolutely no competition with Performance Tips such as Wide Defense (WD) for Stamina or Rubber Spike (RS) for Defense.

Semi-Flat found a niche use in Destabilizer combinations, where a low Spin Track combined with Semi-Flat's balanced qualities allowed the Beyblade to destabilize the opposing Beyblade.


  • It is the lightest beyblade in Random Booster Vol. 9 Fusion Hades.
  • It shares the same Energy Ring/Fusion Wheel combo as Hasbro's Torch Gemios W105CS.