• Big Bang is a reference to the tournament it was competing in, Big Bang Bladers, and the theory of existence, Big Bang Theory.
    • The tournament was only called Big Bang Bladers in the Japanese anime/manga only though.
      • Cosmic Pegasus only competed in Big Bang Bladers in the manga.
  • Cosmic can be a reference to how Pegasus flew into the cosmos to release the spiral force as Galaxy Pegasus setting off the events leading to its evolution.
  • This is Gingka's first Beyblade to ever obtain a mode switch feature. This is also the 12th Beyblade in the Metal Saga to have a mode switch, Dark Gasher was the first, Storm Aquario was the second, Storm Capricorn third, Lightning L-Drago fourth, Poison Serpent the fifth, Meteo L-Drago the sixth, Gravity Destroyer the seventh, Hades Kerbecs eighth, Evil Befall ninth, Nightmare Rex tenth, Sol Blaze the eleventh.
  • It is the second bey to feature a mode changing feature involving its tip, Storm Aquario being the first.
  • Cosmic Pegasus is one of the only two Beyblades that contain three parts for it's 4D Fusion Wheel. The other Beyblade is Firefuse Darkhelm AD145SWD.
  • It was the first Beyblade to feature four different modes.
  • Cosmic Pegasus is the first Beyblade to feature a 4D Performance Tip in the anime.
  • By removing the Plastic Wheel and flipping over the Attack Wheel, Cosmic's "Secret Mode" is revealed, this is a really powerful mode but it's illegal.
    • In this case, Pegasus has five different modes with the fifth being unofficial.
    • Wing Pegasus has the mode like that too, thus Cosmic Pegasus might have Upper Defense too.
  • Cosmic Pegasus is one of the five Beyblades to have a 4D Performance Tip, the 4 others are VariAres D:D, Phantom Orion B:D, L-Drago Destructor F:S, and Diablo Nemesis X:D.
  • Hasbro has released Cosmic Pegasus F:D in the Hyperblades Series that has the ability to change modes, though the name has stayed Cosmic. Cosmic Pegasus F:D has a yellow Face Bolt with a blue tattooed motif of Pegasus III, a translucent blue Energy Ring, a light greenish yellow Plastic Wheel, an unpainted Attack & Metal Wheel, and a yellowish green F:D with blue rubber on the bottom.
  • When compared side-by-side at a view from above, it is seen that the Attack Wheel of Hasbro's Hyperblades Cosmic wheel has slightly thinner wings than those of Takara Tomy's Cosmic wheel. When the Takara Tomy Pegasus III Energy Ring is put onto the Hyperblades Cosmic wheel, it will be unusually loose. Also, when Cosmic's Plastic Wheel is put onto Big Bang, it will get stuck a bit, and require some force to fit properly. This is because Cosmic Pegasus F:D's Plastic Wheel and Pegasus III Energy Ring are slightly larger than their Takara Tomy counterparts. Therefore, Cosmic and Big Bang are indeed NOT completely identical, and the Cosmic wheel is deserving of a different name than its Takara Tomy counterpart.
  • On a flat suface, F:D stays in one place. But, in a stadium it moves around wildly.
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