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Counter Tempo 130RS is a Defense Type Beyblade released by Hasbro as part of the Hybrid Wheel System. It was released in western countries in the Beyblade: Metal Fury Spark FX Befall the Ripper 2-Pack for USD$15.99 in the United States.

Face Bolt - Tempo

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The Face Bolt depicts "Horologium", one of the 88 constellations in space. Horologium is Latin for "clock". The design features Horologium stylized as a pendulum clock with four clock hands pointing North, South, East, and West with an eye in the center, as well as four other eyes between the hands.

Energy Ring - Tempo

Clearwheel horogium.jpg
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Tempo is a circular gear shaped Energy Ring with Roman numerals reminiscent of a clock decorating the circumference. There is a rectangular gap where "III" is supposed to be, and two clock hands causing irregular weight distribution.

A common misconception is the usage of the Roman numeral "IIII" instead of "IV" being an error by Takara Tomy/Hasbro. While the proper Roman numeral for the number 4 is "IV", "IIII" is commonly used on Roman numeral clocks, and hence its usage on the Tempo Energy Ring.

Fusion Wheel - Counter

Metalwheel counter2.jpg
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Counter is based on the Metal System Leone Wheel. It possesses six mane-like protrusions that make up its circumference. The gaps between the six protrusions are too small to provide consistent Smash Attack for an Attack Type customization. Counter showcases fair Smash Attack, but unlike Leone, it lacks the same degree of recoil. This is because the protrusions are more compact and rounded than Leone's. This lower recoil makes it a better, albeit underwhelming, choice for a Defense Type combo.

Spin Track - 130

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130 is a Spin Track of medium height, primarily used for Defense Type combos. It is a basic all-around Spin Track that also has uses in Attack and Stamina Type combinations. The 130 height is also found in Spin Tracks like Shield 130 (S130) and Wing Attack 130 (WA130).

Performance Tip - Rubber Spike

Bottom rs img2.jpg
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RS is a sharp tip made of rubber. RS's primary purpose is to counteract Attack customisations: the high friction of the rubber tip, along with the lack of movement due to the sharp tip make it incredibly difficult to move, and KO.

RS has similar problems to other sharp tips, and is easy to destabilise. RS also suffers from the poor stamina of rubber-based bottoms, and their tendency to wear down after extensive use.

RS also has difficulty sometimes outlasting left-spinning customisations. Against right-spin Attack customisations however, despite its poor balance and stamina, it is able to effectively neutralize them.