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Covey Horn is a main character in BeyWheelz.

Covey began to follow Leon around after he helped him and later proved himself to be a huge BeyWheeler as he joined Team Estrella. He is big and brave with his Rampage Stomper Bull.

Physical Appearance

Covey has a large build that doesn't quite match his small head. He has curly brown hair normally worn underneath his hat and shaggy brown eyebrows over his brown eyes. He wears loose fit clothing besides the yellow scarf around his neck, wearing a white tee under his red jacket with matching armbands. On his lower body he wears baggy blue shorts and brown shoes. He also wear a dark blue belt with a gold buckle and brown suspenders that aren't on.


Though not the smartest Wheeler around, Covey has a lot of heart. Honest and straightforward, once you've earned his trust, he is a true friend who will lay it all on the line for the people he cares about. However, he is extremely possessive of Leon and can be hostile to anyone he feels is trying to jeopardize their friendship, such as Nicole.



Covey was originally a Wheeler looking to pick a fight just for a battle, defeating everyone he came across in an out of control rage until he came to West Gym. There he was defeated by a Wheeler named Antonio, who showed Covey kindness and got him accepted into the community, making West Gym Covey's home.

Covey left to take several titles in regional championships, and on his return home he finds West Gym in ruins and his friends injured. He hunts down the culprit to be none other than a member of the Dominators named Jake. Covey battles Jake to defend his Gym's honor but is defeated after being completely outmaneuvered.

Covey's Bey was saved by Leon Fierce who also challenged Jake, this time ending in his victory. Covey then decides to follow under Leon in hopes of becoming stronger.



Covey and Bull

Rampage Stomper Bull - Covey's only known BeyWheel based off the Bull Series of Beyblades.

Special Moves

  • Raging Horn: Bull uses its overwhelming weight and pure brute force to leap above and crush the opponent below.
  • Raging Drumline: Bull bounces around the stadium, shaking the ground and causing the opponent to lose balance. Bull bounces around the stadium, shaking the ground and causing the opponent to lose balance.
  • Burning Tornado: Utilizing a similar move with Fusion Tornado, Aries, Bull, Gil, and Striker create a slipstream with each other, rotating their positions from front to back constantly, creating a tornado which upon reaching their maximum speed and power, the tornado bursts out in a rainbow light, which smashes into the opponent with a fierce force, sending them flying upwards.

BeyWheelz Battles

Beyblade: Shogun Steel
Opponent Episode Result
Antonio Prior to BWZ04 Lose x10
Jake BWZ04 Lose
Sting BWZ06 Win
David, Glen, Jake, & Sting (tag w/ Marche Ovis, Nicole Spears, & Gigante) BWZ13 Win